Thursday, December 29, 2005

Garth Legacy - Week 3

Ok so I've been freaking out lately. I NEVER wanted to be a father. Now it appears that I am a dad many times over. Every girl I've bedded since coming to Ugton has gotten pregnant. How is that even possible? I needed answers. So who should show up but the old hag. It was time for the Clevester to be nice. This has to stop. If not I'll hundreds of kids running around. The thought sends chills down my spine.

You were warned but you did not listen. You have brought a curse upon your lineage. You can not break the curse. You can only begin the healing. You must produce a child of your name and your lineage before your hair becomes silver and grey. This child must begin the healing. This child must succeed where you have failed.

Ok, what? I have to have a child. I DO have a child. Several.

Not of your name.

Wait. You're not saying that I have to get married are you? Me, married? Please say you are joking.

It is the only way to end the curse.

But marriage? I need to go lie down.

When I woke up I found Kimberly standing over me with a baby. My baby she said. I didn't know vampires could have babies. I have another son, Henry. If only I had known sooner. Man, I really am cursed. A chance to stop the madness and I slept right through it.

Contessa Kimberly Collins - Grand Vampire - Pisces - 7 neat, 4 outgoing, 3 active, 4 playful & 5 nice - Pleasure - Lifetime goal of becoming a professional party guest.

So look, I have a son now. Henry Collins. He lives with me. He is my flesh and blood. That's close enough right?

NO! He is not of your name.

So I could like adopt him and make him a Garth.

He would still not be of your name. He must share your complete name. Then he will take the curse upon himself. Upon his puberty he can attempt to end the curse, something you have failed miserably to do.

So I've got to get married. I have to. And then I have a son and I name him Cleveland. Then the women I'm with will stop getting pregnant. Right?

That is the beginning but you have completely missed the point. You must face your true self. You must embrace your true self. You must control your true self. Only then will the curse be lifted.

So that's a yes on marriage then?

I will try to help you. I see in your future a woman. Emmy is her name. This woman COULD be the one to help end the curse. She is much like you. You are both of the same nature. You must both accept your nature and control it. Then the healing may begin.

So I went around everywhere looking for a girl named Emmy. Found her too. She's a DJ in South Ugton. Well we dated once or twice. I bedded her which means she's pregnant. So then I asked her to marry me. Ok, it was a pitiful excuse for a proposal. It sort of went, "So, now that I've knocked you up, no...don't interrupt, now that you're pregnant with my child I really think you should marry me. It won't be forever. Just until you give birth to my son. Then we can see a man about ending the whole thing." I thought it went over pretty well. She did say yes. I breathed a sigh of relief. I should have known better.

When it came time to slip the wedding band on her finger she refused. She dumped me. ME, the Clevester. She doesn't understand how serious this is. I didn't believe in this curse mumbo jumbo but now I do. I'm cursed and I have to do the most horrible thing imaginable to end it. I can't believe Emmy left me standing at the alter so to speak.

Then up popped Kimberly. She had overheard. She offered to marry me if I wanted. I didn't even have to ask. I don't know why she'd want to stick with a guy like me but right now I'm desperate. She's willing. That's all that matters.

So I agreed. We would be married that night. I already had a guy coming by. Be a shame for him to waste the trip.

So right there we were married. Man, it hurts just saying the word. Once we got the hard part out of the way it was time to get the easy stuff done.

Yeah, that should do it. I am the Clevester after all. Baby on board.

So apparently Emmy never left. She had been reconsidering. Witch. The more I thought about what she had done the madder I got. She started crying telling me how she didn't have any place to go. Couldn't she please please stay here for a while. She had 8k. Can't she please stay? I told her she'd have to ask my wife. HA! That made her cry even more. Yeah, that's what you get for dumping Cleveland Garth.

Emmy Futa - NPC DJ - S4, red hair, green eyes - Taurus - 8 neat, 10 outgoing, 2 active, 3 playful & 2 nice - Romance - Lifetime goal to become a hall of famer.

So I went about my business. Kimberly ran the household. So I was surprised when I came home and found Brittany there. Apparently she had been staying with us for a while. How did I not know this? And she gave me a daughter, Renae Bruenig. All these babies in the house is freaking me out. I need some air.

Brittany Bruenig - NPC Slob - S2, red hair, dark blue eyes - Libra - 0 neat, 6 outgoing, 0 active, 4 playful & 5 nice - Pleasure - Lifetime goal of 100 first dates.

Well apparently Kimberly told Brittany that she could stay. Apparently she had a little break down. Went off the deep end. Now she's obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches. Yeah, she's gone into politics. Wants to pass a law that makes grilled cheese sandwiches it's own food group. Nut job. Oh well. Whatever.

Brittany Bruenig - Grilled Cheese - Lifetime goal to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches.

Like I said, I needed air. So I hooked up with Marylena Hamilton. Usually I steer clear of women like her. Very family oriented this one. Everything went great. I had her screaming my name. It is SO great having a wife that sleeps all day. Afterwards Mary saw my wedding ring. She flipped out. How could I let her sleep with a married man? How could I break my wedding vow? Wedding vows are sacred. I will burn for this. Lady, I'm already in hell. I'm just trying to survive the heat. Mary took off fast. I got really depressed. Time to dig deeper in my little black book. So I called up Christy Stratton. We had a blast that afternoon. I scooted her out of the house just before the sun went down. Just before my wife woke up.

Together we celebrated Henry's birthday. Cute I guess. He'll be better when he's not so juicy. Liquids coming out of all ends at this age.

Henry Collins - G2 - S2, brown hair, brown eyes - Cancer - 7 neat, 4 outgoing, 3 active, 4 playful & 10 nice.

So the next day I went downtown. That's where I hooked up with Jan Tellerman. Unfortunately Melissa caught us together. She pitched a right fit. Something about hating Jan's guts. I could sleep with anyone but not her. I don't know. I asked Jan to come home with me. I had a few hours of daylight left. I needed someone to help me relax.

Because that night there was another birthday.

Renae Bruenig - G2 - S2, blond, dark blue eyes - Libra - 0 neat, 10 outgoing, 5 active, 4 playful & 9 nice.

So Brittany has apparently moved on. She isn't in love with me anymore. No, she's to busy being in love with grilled cheese. Still, she finds Emmy living with us revolting. She doesn't care that she's pregnant. She just thinks she should leave. For once I agree with grilled cheese girl.

Course Emmy eventually had her baby. Our baby. It was a girl. She named her Jillian. Kimberly is very taken with the baby. Glad someone is. So when does this curse thing let up. I feel like I'm drowning.

Yeah I've stopped catting around so much. I just keep staring at this damn wedding band. Spend a lot of my time on the phone talking to my kids. The ones I know anyway. Don't know them all. Maybe I never will. There are just to damn many of them. At least that's stopped though. No more kids for me. Well just the one. Once Kimberly has this one I should be done with the whole fatherhood thing. At least I hope so.

Well apparently Emmy got really depressed after the baby was born. I didn't notice. I still wasn't talking to her. Kimberly said that she was spending a lot of time petting the reindeer. What an idiot thing to do. They are electric after all. Didn't she hear about what happened to Craig. I tell everyone I meet. Damn funny story that one.

But Emmy's experience with Dasher wasn't so funny. Yeah, Emmy is gone. Died out by the curb. I was busy stargazing at the time. That is also called avoiding diaper changes. Damn kids every damn where. It just ain't right. Yeah well I was sort of sad about Emmy. I don't want you to think that I'm a heartless bastard. I was just still pissed at her you see. Never will understand how she could turn down...well ME.

Man. Do you see this light? What the hell it this about?

Oh no. Aliens. Brandi told me about this. There must be hot babes on other planets after all. They've come for the Clevester. But I've already overpopulated this world. I'm not sure I'm up to overpopulating another.

Well I met the aliens. BUT THEY WEREN'T WOMEN!!!! I was probed by dudes. Big dudes. Scary alien dudes. It was horrible. I can't believe this has happened to me. Haven't I been through enough?

I became very emotional. *sniff* Skipped work. I'm a business tycoon. I can skip a day if I want to. *sniff* I can do whatever I want. I'm the Clevester. *sniff* I'm the man. *cry* What's wrong with me?

So Henry grew up. He's starting school soon.

Jillian is older too.

Jillian Futa - G2, S4, red hair, brown eyes - Libra - 0 neat, 10 outgoing, 5 active, 6 playful & 10 nice.

Kimberly had our son. Say hello to Cleveland Garth II aka Junior. Handsome lad. I'm so happy that it's finally over.

It is over right?

Wrong. It has only just begun. When Cleveland Junior reaches the age of maturity...


When he reaches puberty.

Oh, Ok.

I will come back. I will try to guide him. Steer him towards the truth. Make him see the correct path to take. Only he can end the curse now.

But it's over for me right? The kid is stuck with the curse now?

Cleveland, you are by far the most selfish individual I have ever met. You are cursed more than you realize. Good luck with your pregnancy by the way.

What? Pregnancy? Who's pregnant?

Why you are of course. You didn't really think that fatherhood was your worst fear did you? No. Being soley responsible for a life, that has always been your deepest darkest fear. For all the pleasure and wealth you were given, this pain has been brought to your door. May your children become more than you are. Otherwise the curse of the Garth family will never end. *shakes head* We can only hope that little Cleveland takes after his mother.