Sunday, June 06, 2010

Log 100606.05 Katz

Chase:  FIRE!  My palm tree is on fire.

MEGA:  I am here to do the season four update on the Katz family.  To begin, young Kimi had a birthday.  She will now be attending school with her brother Tiger.

MEGA:  There seems to be a lot of wild dogs showing up at the Katz house.  Probably because they have the most vegetation in the neighborhood.  Needless to say, the Katz are not getting along with the dogs at all.

MEGA:  Chase Katz took on a second aspiration.  He is now family / grilled cheese.

MEGA:  Demi Love Katz gave birth to her third child and her husband's fifth child.  It was yet another girl. They named her Jema Katz. She has all of her father's coloring.

MEGA:  It wasn't long before Demi once again found herself with child.  I love babies but for her sake I hope this will be her last.


Tiger:  Yeah they had another one.  Of course it was a girl.  We're getting over run with girls in this town.  I have more sisters than I can handle.

MEGA:  With so many children to care for the family hired a butler.  To pay for it, they made their final wish for cash.  Good-bye distant relative of mine.  I hope I see you again someday.

MEGA:  Chase received some promotions.

MEGA:  Kimi began doing all of Tiger's homework.  She seemed to love doing it and he of course hated it.

MEGA:  Then it was time for some birthdays.  Jema became a toddler.  Let me find her stats.

Jema Katz: Zodiac - Gemini:  Personality - 2-10-10-0-10

MEGA:  Tiger became a teenager.  He knows he wants a life of pleasure but he hasn't decided his one greatest lifetime want yet.

MEGA:  Kitty stopped by to see the family.  She was once again present for the birth for a sibling.  Demi gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  The family named him Hunter Katz.

MEGA:  And one last thing. All that studying during pregnancy paid off for Demi.  She now knows everything which was bother her lifetime and impossible want.

MEGA:  Well that's all here from the Katz house.  More updates to come.  {mutters under breath} Once everyone else calms down and comes to their senses.

Log 100606.05 Borealis

Author's Note:  Here begins play on my new computer.  If you see weird things don't freak.  I don't.  I just keep on as though I don't have counter tops all across my front lawn.  Then in a minute or two it goes back to normal... at least for a little while.  Oh and it took me a while to get some settings corrected so ignore all annoying pointers.  Thanks.

PRIME:  Mega.  Are we ready to begin.

ALPHIA:  Wait on me.  (rushes in and smooths down tunic)  I'm ready.  You can proceed Mega.

PRIME:  What are you doing here?  Further setting me up to fail before the council.  You can not wait for my execution can you?

ALPHIA:  They won't execute you.  Your IQ is to great.  They will simply reprogram you.  Should have been done long ago lover.


MEGA:  Yes sir.  We begin with the Borealis homestead during week four.  Flint Borealis was promoted to General.  This fulfilled his greatest lifelong dream.

ALPHIA:  Ewww.  A general.  I love a man in uniform.

PRIME:  You love any man who's breathing.

ALPHIA:  Well if my MATE were satisfying me as is his DUTY then I wouldn't be chasing down other men now would I.

MEGA:  Nathan gave birth again.

ALPHIA:  Again?  At least HE is doing his duty to perpetuate the species.

PRIME:  Alphia please stay on subject or I will have you barred from this meeting.

ALPHIA:  WHAT?  You can't...

PRIME:  Watch me.  Continue Mega.

Rainbow:  Oh no.  Not another one.  I can't wait to get out of this overcrowded house.

MEGA:  Nathan gave birth to a baby girl.  She was named Rosie Pearl Pike.  Her father is  Slate Borealis and she carries his skin town and eye color.
PRIME:  Very good.  Continue.

MEGA:  Ummm.  Jose Borealis is with child.  From what we can tell the father is Flint Borealis.
PRIME:  Excellent.  Finally perhaps  his skin tone will carry forward.

ALPHIA:  {under breath}  Stupid skin tone.  Who cares.

Cinaba:  OMG how could she marry him.  He is so METALLIC!!! 

MEGA:  Well sir, Flint gave up his job as a General to spend more time with his family.  But then he took a job in the music industry so I'm not sure that he is really at home more or not.
PRIME:  So things just carried on as per usual.
MEGA:  Yes sir.  It is always total chaos at the Borealis home sir.
ALPHIA:  {whispers under breath} total chaos.  he can say that but I can't comment

MEGA:  There were more promotions but I'd rather mention the birthdays.  I love birthdays.

ALPHIA:  I wuv birthdays.


ALPHIA:  sorry {under breath} sorry bastard

MEGA:  Anyway, Rainbow Borealis became a teenager.  She is very into money and wealth.

MEGA:  Rosie Pearl became a toddler.  Let me find her stats.  Here it is.

Rosie Pearl Pike:  Zodiac - Taurus:  Personality - 5-7-4-6-3

MEGA:  Olivia Pike became a child. 

ALPHIA:  If only...


MEGA:  And then Josa went into labor.  She and Flint have a son.  They named him Rock Borealis.

PRIME:  A son.  That's good.  But that skin.  Why?  Why couldn't he have his father's skin tone.

MEGA:  He does carry it sir.  It just isn't the dominant dna.

PRIME:  Unacceptable.

MEGA:  Sir.  I doubt these two will have another child.  Josa is getting older and soon will...

PRIME:  I KNOW!  BUT WHY CAN'T THINGS GO AS PLANNED?  Why must everyone interfere with my genious?  Why can't they do what I ask?  Why can't things just work for once?

PRIME:  (Walks out shaking his head)

MEGA:  I hate it when they fight.  Why can't we all just accept each other as we are and get along?

MEGA:  Well there were some promotions.  Flint joined the garden club and won another wishing well.  Flint now has thirty best friends wish was an impossible want at one time.

MEGA:  And finally Cinaba headed off to college.

Mega;  Well I guess that's everything for now.  Mega signing off.

Author's note:  Did you know that if you have two wishing wells on the lot at one time but when you use one of them then both of them can't be used for a while?  I didn't.  I had hoped to get in double on the best friends with so many popularity sims on the lot.  Since that didn't work, Cinaba took the extra wishing well with her to college.  No point wasting it.

Log 100606.04 Robota

PRIME:  Time to begin our next update.  Mega?

MEGA:  Yes sir.

PRIME:  How goes things at the Robota house?

MEGA:  Oh well sir.  Much excitement to talk about.  First off, both Guy and Aurora took jobs in the natural science field.  Of course you know that Guy wants to be in education.  It's his life long dream.  Nothing was available though I'm afraid.

PRIME:  Very good.  What else?

 MEGA: {sighs} The Wedding.

PRIME:  Ah yes.  They officially became mated.  Very good.
MEGA:  They were both so lovely.  The bride chose to wear a more nontraditional dress.
MEGA:  Meadow was kind enough not to beat up the bride during the wedding.  In fact they seemed to put a hold on their feud for this one special day.

MEGA:  Oh and here they are making it official.  They are now Guy and Aurora Robota.  {sniff}  I love joining ceremonies.

MEGA:  And then they kissed.  {sniffles harder}  It was just so  {sob} beautiful.

PRIME:  Mega?
MEGA:  {wiping eyes}  Sorry.  There was a reception at their home.  They showed everyone the updates they had made to Guy's small home.

MEGA:  Oh.  And I have photos of the guest.  Well not all but the most important.

Chase Katz (secretly in love with the bride) and Cliff Borealis (twin brother of the bride)

Meadow Thayer (ex-lover of the groom and hated enemy of the bride)

Joe Carr (In love with Gabrea Qa'Lae) & Josie Borealis (widow of Steel Borealis and lover of his son Flint Borealis who is father of the bride & the brides step-grandmother) & Slate Borealis (uncle of the bride)

Flint Borealis (father of the bride)

Kitty Katz (engaged to the twin brother of the bride and town whore - and no she is a popularity sim) & Nathan Pike (committed lover of Slate Borealis uncle of the bride and possibly Kitty's next target - run Nathan run)

Rainbow Borealis (the bride's Aunt)

Storm Borealis (the bride's Aunt)

Skye Borealis (the bride's first cousin)
MEGA:  It was such a lovely event.  I hope all of the subjects have such a lovely ceremony.

PRIME:  Well the important thing is that they are committed to breeding the next generation.  Any word on that front yet?

MEGA:  Well actually sir, I believe the couple took care of that before the wedding.
PRIME:  Very good.  Anything else of note?

MEGA:  Well sir.  In summary:  Aurora received a promotion.  Guy found a job in the education field.  Aurora joined the garden club and won a wishing well.  And as you can see, Aurora's pregnancy is going well.

PRIME:  Very good.  Yes these two have made a very good start to things.  Can't wait to see how things progress.

MEGA:  Me either sir.  But there are more families.

PRIME:  Subjects.  There are more subjects.  Let's take a break and then we will continue.

MEGA:  Yes sir.

Author's Notes:  I generally have to many children in my families.  This time I thought that I would let them have their own kids.  I thought I might wind up with fewer that way.  So I have the casual romance mod installed and the amount of kids they have is up to them.  But if the Borealis family is anything to go by, I might have done better on my own.