Saturday, May 08, 2010

Log 100508.01

PRIME:  It's time for another round of updates.  Where is Mega?  MEGA!

MEGA (running in):  Here sir.  So sorry I'm late.  So much going on.  I've been compiling notes.  It's all so fascinating.  The Edenites are truly fascinating.

PRIME:  Edenites?  Umm... yes.  Well can we begin?

ALPHIA:  Wait.  Don't start without me.

PRIME:  (groans)  Of course not.  Now that we are ALL present may we begin the updates?

ALPHIA:  Of course darling.  I would never dream of keeping you waiting.  I am, after all, not YOU.

MEGA:  (clears throat) Lets begin with the Qa'Lae family.  There has been a lot of excitement over there.

MEGA:  Well maybe not everything was exciting.  Jaxx and Gabrea built a garden.  They wanted to become members of the garden club.

PRIME:  Unimportant.

ALPHIA:  I disagree.  It's fascinating to see how the different cultures have merged into one society in such a short time.  One family joins the garden club and now more want to join in.

PRIME:  *sigh* I didn't mean it was not important.  I simply meant that there were other things I would rather hear about.  What of the unborn Qa'Lae?

MEGA:  Oh yes.  There were some concerns.  Poor Christy set the kitchen on fire while she was practically starving to death.  I felt so sorry for her. 
MEGA:  The fire department came.  The sirens were loud and frightening I'm sure.  Christy was so upset that she went into premature labor.

PRIME:  She lost the babe?

MEGA:  Oh no.  It was a scare to be sure but she was fine.  Jaxx made sure she got plenty of rest.  He fixed her food for the rest of the pregnancy and insisted that she stay indoors and out of the sun.  He wouldn't even let her help prepare for the garden club inspection.

ALPHIA:  I see they got in.  And won the wishing well.  Already your little playthings are starting to fit into the normal social hierarchy.

MEGA:  Oh yes.  Jaxx earned the wishing well and kept Christy happy and healthy.  Quite an accomplishment.

PRIME:  Impressive yes.  The SUBJECT is doing what he should instinctively know to do.  He is protecting his mate and child.  Something the Qa'Lae males have failed to do for the last several generations.  It is why the species is almost extinct.

ALPHIA: (snorts)

PRIME:  You have something to say, MATE?

ALPHIA:  No dearest.  I would rather hear more about your "Subjects".  Proceed Mega.

PRIME:  You are not in charge here, dearest.

ALPHIA:  Not yet, mate.  Give me time.  There are ways to sway the council.

PRIME:  Is that a threat?

ALPHIA:  Isn't the child due soon Mega?

MEGA:  Umm.  The child is here actually. 

PRIME:  More details if you please.

MEGA:  Detail.  Of course.  Christy Stratton Qa'Lae gave birth to a son.  He is our first generation two male.   Genetics were tested of course and he is the biological child of Jaxx Qa'Lae.  His parents named him Kaxx Qa'Lae.

PRIME:  Excellent.  A male.  Excellent.  Now we know that the Qa'Lae genetics and name will live through another generation.

ALPHIA:  Is that all you care about?  The important thing is that the child is a mixture of his parents.  He is no longer a true Qa'Lae at all.  His genetics will blend in with the rest of the genetics within the pool and merge into one underlying perfect genetic specimen.

PRIME:  Dearest, I fear we must agree to disagree about this.  The most important thing is that the son carries the fathers skin and eyes.  Carrying on the unique genetics is the most crucial thing.  Would people pay to look upon the lives of beings that look just like them?  I think not.  They want to see the differences.  The subjects will hopefully continue to keep their distinctions.  It is more important to keep the distinctions than to loose them.

PRIME:  Mega?

MEGA: Yes sir. 

PRIME:  What other news was there on this family unit?

Mega:  Well sir, Gabrea made the acquaintance of young Cinaba Borealis.

MEGA:  Also, Christy became a high school teacher.  As soon as she was cleared by medical officials, she immediately began trying to conceive once again.

PRIME:  Was she successful?

ALPHIA:  Does she think she's a bunny?

MEGA:  Ummm.  Yes.  Indeed she was successful.  There is another Qa'Lae babe on the way.

PRIME:  Excellent.

ALPHIA:  Insanity.

MEGA:  Just in the knick of time actually.  DEATH has come for Jaxx Qa'Lae.

ALPHIA:  Ah, DEATH.  Always the efficient little worker bee.

PRIME:  At least Jaxx did his duty before he retired from this existence.  Not one child but hopefully two.  An excellent start towards stopping the extinction of the Qa'Lae genetics.

Christy:  Damn.  Now what am I going to do?  I'll never get a golden anniversary like this.

MEGA:  Jaxx Qa'Lae was buried beside his daughter Mother Placekeeper Qa'Lae.  The family didn't really grieve much.  I guess they just knew it was his time to go.

PRIME:  They knew he had finished his job in this life.

ALPHIA:  They had already began looking towards bigger and better things.  Wouldn't surprise me if the wife wasn't soon hooking up with someone she met in the classifieds under lonely fool seeking same.

PRIME:  Must you?  Is quiet out of the question?

ALPHIA:  Yes I must.  Since my MATE won't do his DUTY and breed a child with me, I am left to find my own amusements to fill my time.

PRIME:  Mega.  Is there more?

MEGA:  Yes sir.  Young Kaxx grew into toddlerhood with the  help of his niece Gabrea. Let me find his stats for you sir.

Kaxx Qa'Lae: Generation Two: Custom dark blue alien skin:  Custom Purple Eyes: Custom Black Hair:  Zodiac - Capricorn: Personality  7-3-2-10-10.

PRIME:  Humm.  Interesting.

ALPHIA:  I think it's called lazy.

PRIME:  (growls)  And Gabrea?

MEGA:  Gabrea took her scholarships and headed off to college at Eden University.

PRIME:  Excellent.  I wish there was someone, anyone for her to breed with.

ALPHIA:  I'm sure she will find 'someone' to knock her up.  No worries there dearest.

PRIME:  End official update on Qa'Lae family for season three.

PRIME (private logs):  The bitch is pushing me to the edge.  She's doing it deliberately.  Bringing up mating and breeding.  That will never happen between us.  I can not let the council control me that much.  They forced a mate on me.  They will not force me to water down my genetics with hers.  And that is what would happen.  It's what they do to all the species.  The breed the uniqueness right out of them.  I won't let any child of mine be brought into this world with a pointed nose and small eyes.  I WILL NOT!  I will continue my search for an unmated female of my line.  If I fail to find the perfect woman to carry my child, I may have to move forward with more drastic measures.  Luckily I still have time.

ALPHIA (private logs):  I'm getting to him.  I just have to keep the pressure on.  The few times that we have had sex since our forced mating have been fierce joinings brought about when his anger made him loose control.  Although those times did not result in a babe, I can only hope that the next time does.  If not I may have to move on to extreme measures. I will follow the councils guidelines.  I will use my superior genes to diminish his undesired physical affliction.  Noseless children will be stamped out by the council.  We will succeed in this just as we have succeeded in losing all the skin tones except the one true tone, green.  Until I can force the issue with my MATE, I will simply have fun by infiltrating his little experiment.  Won't he hate it when he's precious differences all go away.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS of JAXX QA'LAE:  Maxed all skills fulfilling elder lifetime want & elder impossible want (both without extending his life although he did later take one swig of life extending goodness), Earned a gold badge in gardening & fishing, Earned a hobby plaque for cuisine & nature, Earned a platinum grave & Died with more than 12 friends.