Sunday, June 05, 2011

Log 110605.08 Borealis 2

Prime:  Documentation for the Borealis household.  Mated adults Cliff and Kitty Borealis in residence.  No offspring as of yet but I am hopeful it will come soon.

PRIME:  Kitty has left her job in law enforcement and taken a job in the paranormal field.  She seems to have to much free time though. 

PRIME:  Cliff continues to work at the police department.  He seems to be doing well there.

PRIME:  Kitty uses the wishing well to continue her quest for thirty friends.  Her husband Cliff has already reached this accomplishment.

PRIME:  Finally, Kitty is with child.  The pregnancy seems to be going normally.

I think this thing is broken. 

Yes dad I'm resting.  Yes dad I'm eating plenty of fresh fish.

I am the greatest.  Come and see my greatness.

PRIME:  Finally the child is born.  It is a girl.  Her parents gave her the designation of Lei.  She has her mother's skin and hair and her father's eyes. 

PRIME:  Nothing else of interest here.  The family has many friends now. 

PRIME:  Though it is not yet confirmed, I believe there may be another child here soon.