Monday, May 10, 2010

Log 100510.01

PRIME:  Ah, the Katz family. 

MEGA:  Yes sir.  Should I begin sir?

PRIME:  Of course.  If we are fast enough we may escape HER wrath.

MEGA:  Yes sir.  Well, Demi Katz used her pregnancy to study.  She is quite fond of her books.

PRIME:  True. 

 MEGA:  Chase is working hard on his career.  Also, with more mouths to feed he needs the extra cash.

PRIME:  Humm.  So everything is moving along smoothly for the Katz.

MEGA:  Well there was one small problem.

MEGA:  Purna got the bright idea to sneak out with Cinaba Borealis.  I don't know what those two were thinking.

MEGA:  Purna was brought home by the police.  Oh the lecture she would have gotten.

PRIME:  Would have?

MEGA:  Yes well Demi was in labor when she returned.  The police officer didn't stop long enough to explain his presence.  He just got back in his car and drove away.

PRIME:  And the babe?

MEGA:  It was a girl.  Her parents named her Kimi.

PRIME:  Is it just me or have we had a unbalanced number of female births?

MEGA:  Oh yes indeed we have.  We have had five girls born but only two boys.

PRIME:  Humm.  That could complicate things.  The genetics may quickly be watered down.

MEGA:  Well I believe these things tend to even out.  Perhaps the next few babes will be male.

PRIME:  Perhaps.

MEGA:  Well after Kimi's birth, things settled down for a bit.
MEGA:  But then the old gypsy left a lamp by the door. 

PRIME:  ....

MEGA:  Sir, I did not know you let my father's kind into your project.

PRIME:  Well, the dna is rare and dying out thanks to the council.  Of course I would want to preserve it if possible.  Not that I think the he will breed.  They rarely do which is why the dna is so hard to find.

MEGA:  My father would have looked much like that I assume.  If he had lived that is. (clears throat) Anyway, Chase rubbed the lamp and took the first wish.  Since it will take so long for all six of his kids to be wed, he wished for peace of mind.

PRIME:  It will take quite a while since not all six are born yet.

MEGA:  Would you look at those sparkles.  I wish I could.... umm....

MEGA:  Then we had some birthdays.  First young Tiger became a child.

Tiger:  Why do I have to wear clothes.  They are so itchy.  Why can't I just be natural and wear only my fur?

MEGA:  Then little Kimi became a toddler.  Let me find her stats.

Kimi Katz: generation two: Father Chase Katz: Mother Demi Love Katz:  Skin - Orange Tiger: Hair - Brown:  Eyes Custom Hushed Blue:  Zodiac - Virgo:  Personality: 10-0-7-2-8

PRIME:  Lovely girl with a lovely personality.  A bit shy but I'm sure she'll come around.  The tiger genes are strong in this family.

MEGA:  Yes sir.

MEGA:  Demi received another promotion.

MEGA:  In their spare time the family worked on their garden.  Although Chase didn't earn a wishing well last season, Demi was determined that she would.

Tiger:  If I spray this on her head, do you think she'd stop yakking on that phone?

Tiger: Nahh.

Demi:  You know, I bet women would pay money to lick those stripes.

Chase:  Really?  I'd let you lick them for free.

MEGA:  We believe that Demi is once again with child. 

PRIME:  I'd assume that with those two it's a safe bet.

Purna: So, dude, I would like some money.  This place needs fixing up in a bad way and dad is never going to be able to earn what we need.
Purna;  Wow.  Neat trick.  Thank.

Chase:  HONEY!  I'm home.  And I got DEMOTED!  HEY EVERYONE!!! I've been DEMOTED!!!

PRIME:  Mega?  You've grown quiet.  Is there anything else to report?

MEGA:  Oh.  Well, Demi earned a wishing well for the family to use.

MEGA:  And young Purna moved off to college.

PRIME:  The family is growing nicely then.  Not as much excitement as some.

MEGA:  No but they have love and a strong foundation.  I don't think you have to worry about the Katz genetics dying out.

PRIME:  Perhaps not.  In you controlled environment they can't hurl themselves into war and wipe themselves out.  Or at least I hope they can't.