Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Log 100413.1

PRIME:  Everything is ready.  All test subjects have been assembled.  The final preperations have been completed.  The subjects will soon be released into captivity.  This is a important day for us all.

MEGA:  Prime, the subjects are being shown into their environments now.

PRIME:  Good.  Good.  It's time.  Finally it begins.  I only wish we could have saved more, but we do our best to preserve as many endangered species as we can. 

MEGA:  Yes sir.  Unfortunately one of the Qa'Lae has already perished.

PRIME:  Already.  Unfortunate indeed.  Well we knew this could happen.  Even introducing a new species into and enclosed environment such as what we have done has risks.  The subjects were warned of the risks.

MEGA:  True.  But as always, they never believe it will happen to them.

PRIME:  Of course.  So true.  So which one parished?  Not the child I hope.  The child is our best potential breeder.

MEGA:  Not the child sir.  It was the female adult.

PRIME:  The mother?  What a waste.  She had many breeding years left in her. Of course their species are not prolific breeders.  The males tend to invest in intellectual pursuits at the expense of everything else.  The woman have been forced to lure the males to them.

MEGA:  Ah, yes.  The Qu'Lae mating call.  Very hypnotic I'm told.

PRIME:  Yes.  Indeed it is.  Unfortunately sometimes the female will lure more than just another Qu'Lae male.  Sometimes males from other species, even those mated to another, fall victim to the lure.  This is the true reason the species is on the verge of extinction.  Too many females are being slaughtered by other races.  Jealousy and vengence have almost ended a beautiful and peaceful species.

MEGA:  Sir.  I've just received word that yet another subject has perished.

PRIME:  What?  Not another Qa'Lae I hope.

MEGA:  No sir.  A Robota.  The adult female.  It seems she experienced an electrical problem.  Her circuts just fried sir.

PRIME:  That leaves us with only the teenage son.  He isn't true Robota but the only known genetic mixing of a Robota and Adroidian.  It would have been nice to have the mother but the son can survive without her.  I am sure of it.

PRIME:  And the others.  The Borealis and the Katz.  No deaths reported there I hope.

MEGA:  None sir.  All six of the Borealis have arrived intact.  The male Katz and his two offspring have also arrived unharmed.

PRIME:  Excellent.  I assume that Mecha has been established as requested.

MEGA:  Yes sir.  The downtown area has but one shop but plenty of room for the subjects to build.  Also the university has been completed as well as the three vacation retreats as you requested.

PRIME:  Then we are all set.  Seal the environment.

MEGA:  Sealing the environment.  In five.  Four.  Three.  Two.  One.   Environment has been locked down.  All seals are engaged.  No annomolies are reported.

PRIME:  Then we have truely done it.  Project Eden is now underway.  May the Gods smile down on us this day and bless our endevor.  Alert the high council that the project is underway.  Viewing stations will be opened to the media within weeks.  If all goes according to planned, viewing stations for the general public should be opened within the year. 


ASimWen said...

Qu'Lae? Robota? Wow...you know I have a weakness for Aliens. :) This looks to be interesting!!! And look at that child's head! :)

Liz said...

I love the concept and the way you set the prosperity challenge up is really creative. I'm excited to read more!

SK said...

Liz sent me here, and I'm thrilled to begin reading!