Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Log 100413.2

Test Family:  Qa'Lae

Test Subject 1: Jaxx Qa'Lae, Male Elder, Aspiration: Knowledge / Romance, Lifetime want: Max All Skills, Zodiac: Cancer, Personality: 7-5-6-2-5, Turn on: Red Hair, Logic, Turn off: Hats, Skin Tone: Custom Blue Alien, Hair: Custom Black Dreads, Eye Color: Custom Purple

Test Subject 2:  Gabrea Qa'Lae: Female Child, Mother: Mother Qa'Lae (Placeholder),  Zodiac: Pisces, Personality 7-2-8-0-8, Natural Hobby: Science, Skin Tone: Custom Light Blue Alien, Hair: Custom Alien, Eye Color: Custom Purple

PRIME:  Prime Report, Qa'Lae Family.  Jaxx Qa'Lae has taken up in his new environment where he left off in his old.  He is emercing himself in the persuit of knowledge.  The child also seems to thrive while persuing knowledge.  This is good in the short term but one musts worry about the long term problems this may solve.  Without interaction within the species, the Qa'Lae family will not grow but instead wither and die.

MEGA:  Surely it is to soon to be worried by their actions.  We knew that the male would likely not seek a female to mate.  The child is to young for such thoughts.  They are still in an adjustment period after all.

PRIME:  Yes of course.  If socialization problems continue past puberty, we may be forced to intervene. 

MEGA:  The seals can not be broken sir.  You set down these rules yourself.

PRIME:  True.  I did so however only after careful consideration and knowing full well of other possible ways to intervene if absolutely necessary.

MEGA:  How sir?

PRIME:  Now is not the time to discuss it.  Let's view the family in the habitat that they have built.

Gabrea:  Grandpa.  I miss mommy.  Why did she have to die?

Jaxx:  Well dear it's a mystery.  Who could have known that this place had killer flies?  Always remember that your mother loved you very much.  It was her idea to come here.  She wanted you to have an easier life than she did.  To find a true mate.  I'm sure she is still here watching out for us both.

Gabrea:  Do you really think so?

Jaxx:  Gabby, I know so.

PRIME:  The elder Qa'Lae has started the first owned buisiness in Mecha.  His patrons catch the fish and Jaxx prepares them.

MEGA:  I see that the business is a mild sucess.

PRIME:  I belive that is all the elder was after.  Simply a way to support his grandchild. 

MEGA:  He met several available females at his business.  Still, he didn't make any moves to take a mate.

PRIME:  It is as I expected.  The female child is our best chance for sucess with this species.

Gabrea:  My mommy was eaten by flies.  What happened to your mommy?

Purna Katz:  Don't know.  Just don't have one.  Daddy says mommy loved me very much.  My sister says Mommy was a whore who went whoring.

Gabrea:  What's whoring?

Josa:  Don't know? 

Jaxx:  Damn plumbing.  Always something to do.  To much to do.  I could really use some help.  A help mate.  It would be nice.  If only I had the time to find one.  Oh well.  Take that you stupid pipe.  Spray water at me will ya.

MEGA:  Perhaps there is hope.

PRIME:  There is always hope.  One can never know what a subject will do until after it is done.


ASimWen said...

Oh the innocence of the children!

Gabrea: My mommy was eaten by flies. What happened to your mommy?

Purna Katz: Don't know. Just don't have one. Daddy says mommy loved me very much. My sister says Mommy was a whore who went whoring.

Gabrea: What's whoring?

Josa: Don't know?

aquatami said...

I should probably mention here that Josa's name was later changed to Purna. I realized that I named a custom townie the same thing and since I hadn't actually played her house yet I just changed her name.

I had this bright idea to do custom townies with custom skin tones but I got lazy after one or two batches and that's all there was.

Liz said...

Lol a "help" mate. It will be interesting to see if Jaxx ends up getting his wish.

SK said...

I am so excited to see how these custom skin tones blend in this hood!