Sunday, May 09, 2010

Log 100509.01

PRIME:  Mega, let's move on to the next house now.  That would be the Robota Family I believe.

MEGA:  Will we not wait for ALPHIA to return?


MEGA:  Oh.  Ok.

MEGA:  Well the Robota house is empty this round.  But I can give you an update about young Guy Robota's college life.  There has been much drama.

PRIME:  Drama.  Well, continue.

MEGA:  Yes sir.  As you requested, Guy Robota, Meadow Thayer, Cliff Borealis, Kitty Katz & Aurora Borealis were all assigned to one dorm.  They did of course have roomies and other college student to interact with.

MEGA:  Well right away, Kitty realized how incredibly turned on she was to young Cliff.  She stopped playing games with Guy and went after Cliff with a passion.  She can be quite aggressive sir.

PRIME:  I would imagine her kind would be.

MEGA:  Oh yes.  So almost immediately it happened.

PRIME:  What happened?

MEGA:  Kitty's relationships became public knowledge.  Cliff seemed to take it pretty well but not Guy.  Even though he knew how she was, I think once it became public he just couldn't handle the pain.  Poor Guy.

PRIME:  Well, she wasn't right for him anyway.

MEGA:  Quite true.

MEGA:  Cliff and Guy had a hard time for a while.  Finally the pain died down and the two were able to talk things through.  Although the wounds are fresh, I think they will heal eventually.  The two weren't speaking but now they are friends again.

PRIME:  This is good since Cliff is Guy's first and best friend.

MEGA:  Oh yes.  They aren't as close as they once were but I think they will remain friends from here on out.  At least I hope so.  Of course with Cliff's sister getting pulled into things one never knows.

PRIME:  His sister?  You mean his twin Aurora?  How was she involved.

MEGA:  Well sir, during this time Aurora was feeling like the odd man out so to speak.  She began dating and looking for a partner to share her life with.  She dated several men but none of them seemed quite right for her.

MEGA:  Well, Aurora wasn't attracted to Guy in high school.  Maybe because she knew what he was doing with Kitty behind her twins back.  But for some reason the new Guy really turned her on.

PRIME:  Really.  We tried to put these two together and they never seemed to click.

MEGA:  I know sir but suddenly they did.

MEGA:  Much to Meadow's dismay.

PRIME:  Meadow.  I had forgotten all about her. 

MEGA:  Yes.  So had Guy even though he had told her that he loved her and that they would be together forever.  Young love lost it's first blush I guess.

PRIME:  You are a romantic at heart Mega. 

MEGA:  Umm.  Well, yes sir.

PRIME:  That is fine but don't let it cloud your objectivity.  The subjects happiness are not as important as the breeding and retaining of their dna.

MEGA:  Oh.  Of course sir.  I will remain objective.  Anyway, Guy realized what a cheating lying bastard he was being and he apologized to Meadow.  She told him that he had to choose between the two.  She would not share her mate.

MEGA:  In the end, young Guy chose Aurora over Meadow.  Meadow wasn't at all happy and took her pain and frustration out on Aurora.  Aurora retaliated of course.  Many fights ensued.  I'm saddened to say that these two are now enemies.

PRIME:  Enemies?  How interesting.  Anything else to report.

MEGA:  Well sir.  When they weren't chasing after each other, slapping each other, fighting each other and generally acting crazy, the kids spent their time making friends.  Cliff had the easiest time with this.  He has tons of friends.

MEGA:  Well, the kids settled down into their studies after their freshman year.

MEGA:  They also moved out like you wanted into a modest rental property.  They formed a Greek house.  It is as of yet unnamed.  Three of them simply chose letters they liked and brought them back and stuck them on the wall. 

PRIME:  They don't actually stand for anything?

MEGA:  Not that I can tell sir.

MEGA:  They also all became members of the exclusive Secret Societ.

PRIME:  Societ? 

MEGA:  I think it is Greek for Society maybe.

PRIME:  What is THAT?

MEGA:  Oh.  Streaker sir.  Apparently every university has at least one.

PRIME:  Anything else?

MEGA:  Just one more thing.  Guy Robota proposed a mating with Aurora Borealis.  She said yes.  They are to be married after they complete their college years.

PRIME:  Excellent news.  I must hope that they have many children to carry on their unique dna.

MEGA:  Well I'm sure they will.  Anyway, that completes the students first two years at Eden University.

PRIME:  Good report Mega.  Let's take a short break and then reconvene to discuss the Borealis family.

MEGA:  A wise move sir.  That family always has many pots over the fire.


ASimWen said...

Guy and Aurora? Wow..well, she is pretty too. Hehe. So is it Kitty and Cliff now? Where does this leave Meadow? I am sure she will find somebody.

Liz said...

I can't say I'm surprised by the crazy amount of drama with these 5 at uni. I'm glad to see Kitty settling down with Cliff but was very surprised at the Guy/Aurora pairing. It'll be exiting to see which skintones win with these pairings. I'm sad that Meadow is kinda the 5th wheel in the house though, hopefully she can find someone to spread those pretty genes with :)

SK said...

Poor Meadow! I always feel vaguely guilty when I send townies to college only for the playable they were meant to be with ditches them for someone else. It happened in my uni too, but I guess it's a lot like real life.

Can't say I'm against the Guy/Aurora pairing, though. Darn it would be cool if they bred purple robots.