Sunday, May 09, 2010

Log 100509.02

PRIME:  Ok Mega.  Proceed with the Borealis family.

MEGA:  Right sir.  Well, first off, Cinaba wanted badly to be accepted in Eden Private Academy.  She set up a home tour with the headmaster there.

PRIME:  Excellent. 

MEGA:  At the same time Steel realized that he had 30 best friends.  He was thrilled with this of course.

PRIME:  Of course.

MEGA:  Slate was promoted and arrived home early enough to help with the birthdays.

PRIME:  Birthdays?  The little ones grow up quickly.

MEGA:  That they do sir.  That they do.

MEGA:  First off, Rainbow Borealis become a child.  She is ready to begin attending school.

MEGA:  Then young Skye became a toddler. 

MEGA:  She was followed quickly with young Storm.  Let me find their stats sir.

Skye Borealis: Father Nathan Pike: Mother Steel Borealis:  Skin Pixie Chalk:  Hair Black:  Eyes Uncertain:  Zodiac  Gemini:  Personality - 5-8-9-3-1

Storm Borealis:  Father Steel Borealis:  Mother Josa Borealis:  Skin - Pixie Nightwalker:  Hair  Black:  Eyes - Hedonistic:  Zodiac - Aquarius:  Personality - 4-4-4-7-6

PRIME:  Excellent.  Continue.

MEGA:  Well, the headmaster was quit impressed and let both Cinaba and Rainbow into Eden Private Academy.

PRIME:  Good.  It is as it should be.

MEGA:  Well, Nathan's, umm, impregnation continued without problems.

PRIME:  I see.

MEGA:  Nathan continued to work during his pregnancy but he still found time to play with his daughter Skye.  The family is really crazy busy all the time, what with their home business and all, but they are truly a loving family.

PRIME:  Objectivity.

MEGA:  Umm.  Of course.

MEGA:  Well Rainbow had just returned from her first day at private school.  She and her father were dancing and playing with it happened.


MEGA:  Yes sir.  You know how he hates for his schedule to be tampered with.

PRIME:  I can understand that, yes.

MEGA:  Josa was just coming home from work as Steel was being led away.  They didn't even get to say goodbye.  *sniffle*

PRIME:  Steel Borealis was a good man.  He did his duty and passed on his unique dna.  That is all a man can ever do in this world. 

MEGA:  I suppose.  But the family was so devastated.  Sorry sir.  I'll just carry on now.

MEGA:  Well things continued on as usual. 
MEGA:  Flint and Josa hooked up.  It started out innocently enough.  She was devastated.  He comforted her.  Then when they healing had began they both realized they loved each other.  I really think they are moving to quickly...

PRIME:  This is excellent.  Flint has not passed his unique dna on.  He MUST do so.  We can not loose that dna.

MEGA:  I suppose you're right sir.  But still it was so sudden and soon.

PRIME:  Has a child been conceived yet?

MEGA:  Um.. no sir.  I'm not sure that they are really trying.

PRIME:  WHAT?  I must see about this.  They need to not just try but to succeed.

MEGA:  Of course sir.  Well Nathan's pregnancy ended in the birth of a daughter.

PRIME:  (snickers)  Do you see her eyes?  Not that flawless black the council so desires.  Alphia will just hate to learn this.  Still she has managed to interfere and get the dna of her kind in my enclosed environment.  Such interference must be stopped.

MEGA:  Umm. 

PRIME:  Continue.

MEGA:  Right.  We did testing on the female infant, Olivia Pike.  Her mother is obviously Nathan Pike but her father turned out to be Alien # 59.

PRIME:  That blond haired black eyed freak.  Figures Alphia would manage to sway him to her side.  Enough about the child.  What else happen with the family.

MEGA:  Well the girls kept growing.  Skye and Storm both became children.

PRIME:  Were they admitted into the private academy?

MEGA:  Not yet sir.  They are attending public school.

PRIME:  Such a shame.  Any word on Josa and Flint?

MEGA:  Well they both continue working on their careers.  No pregnancy to report with them yet.

MEGA:  However, Nathan Pike is once again with child.

PRIME:  He wasn't taken again was he?  I can not let this become an epidemic.

MEGA:  Oh no sir.  I can't be sure but I believe the child is Slate Borealis'.

PRIME:  Fine.  But I wish these two would cease.  They are clogging up my experiment with unneeded children.

MEGA:  I don't believe the family considers the children unneeded.  They seem to love them all.  Even those without special dna.

PRIME:  Poor chose of words.  Sorry Mega.  I didn't mean that the way it sounded.  I simply wish it was Josa who was pregnant with Flint's child.  I would never suggest a child be terminated regardless of the color of his or her skin.

MEGA:  (quietly)  Yes sir.

ALPHIA:  (running in)  Did I miss it?  Has the human given birth to one of ours?

MEGA:  Nathan has given birth Ms.  In fact little Olivia has become a toddler.

ALPHIA:  Oh no.  Her eyes.  The poor dear.  She looks lovely otherwise.  Such a shame.

PRIME:  She is a lovely child with lovely eyes.  Stats Mega.

MEGA:  Yes sir.

Olivea Pike:  Generation 2 alien abduction:  Mother Nathan Pike:  Father Alien # 59:  Skin - Alien Green:  Hair - black:  Eyes - Custom Aqua:  Ears Elfin:  Zodiac - Sagittarius:  Personality - 0-3-10-10-3

ALPHIA:  To bad about that one.  She will be of no use to me.

MEGA:  (Looks nervously at the floor)

PRIME:  (whispers) Ignore her.  I do.  (louder)  Anything else of interest Mega?

MEGA:  Just a few more items of note.

MEGA:  Flint was promoted once again.  He is nearing his goal of becoming a general.

PRIME:  Good.  Good.  Maybe then he'll turn towards breeding.

ALPHIA:  Dream on, lover.  Dream on.

MEGA:  And Slate was promoted once again. 

MEGA:  Those two are just insatiable  (sighs)  and truly in love.

ALPHIA:  I'd call it lust.

PRIME:  I'd call this update done.  Let's adjourn for now.

Steel Borealis lifetime achievements:  Acheived elder lifetime want of 20 best friends, Elder Impossible want of 30 best friends, Received platinum gravestone,


ASimWen said...

Wow you are really churning out the elder LTW's. :) Pretty children in this house, lots of nice DNA no matter what Alphia says. heh

Liz said...

Congrats with Steel's achievements this round, 30 best friends is tough and especially tough starting as an elder. The kids are really lovely, I'm enjoying how colorful this house is. I like the story with Flint and Josa and I'm really intrigued with Alphia now... is she a good guy, or bad... I guess only time will tell.

SK said...

This family sure breeds gorgeous children. I can't get over how attractive all the children are. It's a little shocking about Flint and his step-mother, but if it equals another baby with Josa's pretty eyes, like Rainbow, I'm for it. :)

Interesting to see the personalities of the narrators coming out more distinctly as well. :)

Do you have a list of all the custom skintones you use anywhere? I might have to download some of the ones from this household just to play for fun, or maybe in another challenge somewhere along the line. It makes my eyes happy.