Wednesday, December 28, 2005

LeTourneau House - Week 1

Brandi LeTourneau - townie - S2, brown hair, grey eyes - Virgo - 9 neat, 2 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful & 5 nice - Knowledge - Lifetime goal to become a mad scientist.

Cleveland and I are just friends. I never intended for us to be more than friends. I'm not sure what happened that night. I mean one thing just lead to another and the next thing you know I was cuddled up beside him wearing only a smile. It was kind of embarrassing really. Especially since I was in love with someone else. See, Shea and I have a lot in common. We are both scientist. We both love knowledge. Turns out we both love each other. He is the most kind and understanding man. I never want to be without him so I asked him to move in.
Shea Tse - uni townie - S4. blond, grey - Sagittarius - 2 neat, 3 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful & 4 nice - Knowledge - Lifetime goal to max all skills.

Yes it was a little awkward that our first time together was when I was pregnant with someone elses child. But we've talked it all through. We have no secrets. It's best to keep everything out in the open.

Damn doctors. Damn crazy idiot doctors. They never once said I was having twins. We did a sonogram. One baby. I only thought I was having one baby. Ok, well I'll just have to deal with this. So I had picked out Deanna for the name. I'll just name the other girl Joie. Yes, Deanna and Joie LeTourneau. That works.

The night I brought the girls home from the hospital, Shea was studying the stars with our new telescope. I had just changed Joie's diaper when I heard him scream. I rushed outside in time to see him being sucked up into a bright light. I think it might be an alien abduction. It's very fascinating but also very frightening. I love Shea. I need him. I don't know what I'll do if he never returns.

That was the most painfully fascinating experience of my life. The equipment they had. The laboratory. It was amazing. To know that their is life out their on other planets. To know that they have such extraordinary intelligence. Fascinating. Ouch. I'm awful sore though.

Oh Shea, I thought I lost you.

Oh Brandi, I'm ok. Wait until I tell you what I saw. It was amazing.

It wasn't long after Shea returned that both he and I realized what the aliens had done to him. There was no doubt in our minds that they were using him for reproduction purposes. It was so amazing. To think that the man I love is going to have a baby.

Of course we already have two babies and they are now toddlers.

Deanna LeTourneau - G2 - S2, black hair, brown eyes - Libra - 0 neat, 10 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful & 10 nice.

Joie LeTourneau - G2 - S2, black hair, brown eyes - Gemini - 0 neat, 10 outgoing, 10 active, 0 playful & 9 nice.

Shea did his best to help out with the twins. It wasn't easy in his condition. I had to really be careful that he didn't push himself to much. I couldn't stand the thought of something happening to him or his baby.

Cleveland comes over from time to time. We are still friends after all. One afternoon I got Cleve to watch the girls so that I could have some alone time with Shea.

Shea Tse, I have loved you for so long. Together we are building a wonderful family. I would be honored if you would agree to become my husband. Let's join our families legally and permanently.

Oh Brandi. I should be the one to ask but YES. Yes, let's get married. As soon as the baby is born.

I can't wait to see this little one. Once he or she become a few months old we'll get married and have a little honeymoon. It will be great.

Shea? Shea, they've come for me.

Hold on Brandi. I'm coming.

I was very worried while Brandi was gone. I started having very strong contractions but I refused to go to the hospital. I had to be here when she arrived home. I had to know that she was ok.

By the next morning Shea's contractions had stopped but I had other things on my mind. We live in a two bedroom house. We have two little girls. Could it be possible that there are even more on the way?

When Shea still wasn't feeling well the next day, I made him go to the hospital for tests. The doctors wound up doing a C-Section to deliver his son. Yes he had a beautiful green little boy. He named him Zero.

Things our crazy around here. I'm on maternity leave again. Three kiddies and here comes number four. Sonogram says one. It better damn well be only one. There isn't room for one but I don't know what we'll do if I have two.

Luckily the twins are becoming more self-sufficient. Deanna isn't much of a cleaner but she does know how to keep herself entertained.

The same could be said for Joie. They look so much alike my girls. Sometimes I have trouble telling them apart.


CeeCee said...

Too excellent! I may have to break down and get the "Equal opportunity" telescope hack. Two bedroom house with 2 adults and 4 babies?

AeronwyDiobhell said...

This is my favorite chapter by far!! But TWO ZERO neat kids?!? ACK! You better save lots of time for baths or else lots of time for cleaning up the mess from showers. *shudders* Zero is adorable and I can't wait to see Brandi's alien baby!

Anjel76 said...

WOoooOOooOow!!! Those girls got a LOT of Cleve's genes (poor things). *sniffles*

Damn it! You are tempting me. TEMPTING me into determining if I want to download Cleve and start my own thing.

I curse you! CURSE YOU!!! ;O)) Hehe.

But the alien births! And you used the "equal opportunity" thingy, didn't you? :O)) Cool beans.