Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pederson House - Week 1

Andrea Pederson - downtownie - S2, blond hair, dark blue eyes - Aries - 5 neat, 8 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful & 3 nice - Popularity - Lifetime want to become Mayor.

Ok this wasn't in the plan. Oh, and I had a plan. I want to be mayor. Do you think this town will elect a single mom as mayor? Lord I hope so because that is what I'll be soon. I can't believe I slept with Cleve. And not just once, several times. Then I left my money with him. It was like I was under a trance. Certainly I never would have done this otherwise. Well I don't think I would have.

No, look, just because I'm single and pregnant doesn't mean I'll have sex with you. I am not that easy. You'd have to at least by me an expensive present first.

My pregnancy has been lonely. Cleve hasn't stopped by. In fact I haven't seen him since that faithful night. I did drop him a note though to let him know about his son. Yes I had a boy. I named him Ford.

Ford grew quickly into a toddler. It's been tiring taking care of him and trying to get my political career off the ground. I'm trying to use the single mom card to my advantage. I'm glossing over the whole never been married part.

Ford Pederson - S2, blond, dark blue eyes - Sagittarius - 1 neat, 10 outgoing, 10 active, 10 playful & 4 nice.

I hired this nanny but I swear she's incompetent. I set up a nanny cam and caught her playing chess while little Ford just sat playing in his crib. She'd take him out, give him a bottle and then put him right back in. Why she won't even let him sit on the floor and play with his bunny I'll never know. If she wasn't the great aunt of a large contributor, I'd fire her incompetent ass.

So, maybe I mentioned that I was lonely. I have this friend Abhijeet. Ok, so we don't have much in common but the man is hot. Weird but hot.

Maybe I shouldn't have but I invited him to stay the night. I needed someone in my bed. I just hope that the press doesn't get wind of this.

So Ford grew up into a handsome lad. He'll be starting school soon.

The threw him a birthday party. I invited over several friends. I was thinking that afterwards, Abhijeet and I could have some time together. Well that didn't happen. Abhijeet got into a fight with this Orlando kid. He kicked the kids ass in the end but then he left.

So am I a slut if after Abhijeet left I asked Pao if he wanted to see my bedroom? It's not like Abhijeet and I are really dating. Besides, Pao is hot. It's the uniform. I can't wait to get him out of that uniform someday. It didn't happen that night though. So I'm definitely not a slut right? Well if the press asks please don't mention this. I'm an upstanding citizen. I would never grab my mailman's ass or offer to let him have a little lie down before he finishes his rounds. Nope. Not me.


AeronwyDiobhell said...

My goodness, Cleve sure seems to have affected her quite a fair bit there! But at least she hasn't given up on her dreams. And Ford looks really cute there! The bowl haircut is a bit much, but he's cute. :-D

Anjel76 said...

I think Cleve slipped something into the water or something to get all of these women hot and bothered enough to give up their life's savings and their bodies. WOO! Cleve is EVIL!!1