Saturday, April 24, 2010

Log 100424.01

Robata Homesite: Test Subject 1: Guy Robota: Male Teen: Mother - Mother Robota (placeholder) - Aspiration - Family: Lifetime want: Education Minister: Zodiac - Libra: Personality: 0-10-5-0-10: Natural hobby - Music & Dance: Turned ons - creative, mechanical: Turn Off - Vampire: Skin tone - Custom Android: Hair - Custom Black: Eyes - Custom 'Android' Green

PRIME:  Although test subject one should be very outgoing, he has so far not shown any social skills.  He seems content to sit alone in the small home we constructed for him.  Unless the subject begins to commingle, we may have problems ahead.

MEGA:  Perhaps he still morns the passing of his mother.  Offspring often morn for quite some time.  Perhaps after a sufficient morning period, he will begin to mingle with the others.

PRIME:  Well we must hope the morning period passes quickly.  The subject has taken to talking to himself and behaving inappropriately.  We did do a complete scan of his neural synapse before he was installed in his environment?

MEGA:  Of course sir.  All scans came back normal.  This must be a result of the mourning process.

PRIME:  You must be correct.  The subject has began to form a bond with one of the Borealis famiy members.  This is a good sign.

Guy Robota:    Yes.  It's been very lonely since my mother's circuits fried.  I miss having her around.

Cliff Borealis:  You should enjoy the quiet.  My house is packed full of people and noise.  Everyone always getting into each other's business.  You never get to just have quiet time to yourself.

Guy:  But it must be nice to have a family.  A mom and dad to look after you.

Cliff:  Oh, I don't have a mom.  Well I guess I do but I've never met her.  My mom dropped me and my twin sister Aurora off on dad's doorstep and took off.  It seems to happen a lot in our family.  My uncle had a little bundle dropped off on his doorstep just before we got our papers and planned our move to Eden.  Poor Cinaba is just a tiny little thing.  Tiny but loud.  Good set of lungs on her.

Guy:  Well I hope to have a family of my own someday.  A wife.  Kids.  I don't want to be alone forever.

MEGA:  Well that sounds promising.

PRIME:  It does indeed.  Guy is the only known Robotic / Android crossbreed.  We MUST ensure that he breeds within his lifetime.  Soon the Robotics and Androids may finally wipe themselves out with their constant waring.  We have to save the son of the Robotic King and the Android King's bodyguard.  He could soon be the only dna left from these two great species.

MEGA:  Well look.  He has met the daughter Katz.  Perhaps she could be a future mate.

PRIME:  Perhaps.

Guy:  Of course I'm anatomically correct.  I'm a man.  I have all the equipment of a man.

Kitty Katz:  Are you sure?  I'm not sure I believe you.

Guy:  Why would I lie? 

Kitty:  Well... Maybe I'd believe you if you let me see it.

Guy:  WHAT?

Kitty:  You show me yours and I'll show you mine.  I have fur all over you know.

Guy:  Really?  Everywhere?

Kitty:  Oh yeah.  Wanta touch.

PRIME:  No.  I don't think she is the one for him.  But a little sexual exploration won't hurt the subject.  I'm sure he'll find someone more appropriate to breed with in the future. 


ASimWen said...

OMG I love the banter!!!!

Guy: Of course I'm anatomically correct. I'm a man. I have all the equipment of a man.

Kitty Katz: Are you sure? I'm not sure I believe you.

Guy: Why would I lie?

Kitty: Well... Maybe I'd believe you if you let me see it.

Liz said...

Guy and Cliff seem like they will be good friends for a long time. Guy better watch out for that Kitty Katz... she seems like she's going to be trouble!

SK said...

Such an appropriate dialogue for a silver tiger skinned sim. I can totally imagine real teenaged tigers thinking that way. You know, only in tiger-ese.