Sunday, June 05, 2011

Log 110605.04 - Qa'Lae

PRIME:  A full set of seasons has passed for our test subjects of Project Eden.  We begin our fifth season of documentation.

ALPHIA:  {sashays in with a smile on her lips}  So sorry I'm late dearest.  I wanted to look our best for our....  {looks around the empty room}  Where is everyone?

PRIME:  Everyone of import is already here. 

ALPHIA:  But it's just you. Where...

PRIME:  Is the General?  Don't look so shocked dear, I do still have a few connections you know.  I believe the General was called away on an emergency.  I'm sure he'll find time to ruin my life eventually but not today.

ALPHIA:  Oh.  So where is the other one.  The purple boy.

PRIME:  Mega?  Mega has been assigned to another project.  Do you really think I am stupid enough to keep Mega here with that racist bastard planning a visit?  I think not.  I won't submit Mega to the General's hatred.  May I begin now or was there something else you wanted?

PRIME:  As I was saying, we begin our fifth season at the Qa'Lae home where there are many young growing up.  The Qa'Lae house heir, young Kaxx Qa'Lae is enjoying the last of his childhood.  He will soon reach puberty and gain the ability to reproduce.

ALPHIA:  You make it sound like that's all he's good for.

PRIME:  Isn't that all any of us are good for my dearest?  Isn't that why you constantly hound me to get you with child despite the fact you would terminate any child of mine that was born with my facial features?

ALPHIA:  You are in a mood aren't you dearest?  So I talked to the General and told him all about your newest little project.  It's not like he wouldn't have been made aware of it sooner or later.

PRIME:  {clearing his throat} The twins, Kaelea and Kristea are now children.  I admit that I am not sure which is which but I am greatly pleased with their overall looks. 

PRIME:  Christy continues her work in the education field.  Now that she has done her job and produced the next generation of Qa'Lae I suppose she needs something to fill her time.

ALPHIA:  Well it is good that the children are meeting others around the neighborhood.  Soon we will have your oh so important bloodlines watered down to nothing.  Especially after I pick up a few more males for impregnation.

PRIME:  Must you comment.  I actually like you when you are silent, and asleep.  You look quite lovely in your sleep.

ALPHIA:  How would you know?  You refuse to share you sleeping quarters with me.

PRIME:  I have my ways.

PRIME:  Ah, young Kaxx has become a teen.   He wishes to be popular.  Very good.  I just hope that he finds a suitable mate and reproduces.

ALPHIA:  He looks like his father Jaxx don't you think?  In the nose and eyes I mean. 

PRIME:  {snickers} You are starting to sound like Mega.

ALPHIA:  Oh look.  Christy found a man.

ALPHIA:  She moved him in and married him.  How does that effect your little project?

PRIME:  Not at all my dearest.  She has done her task.  Now she may find happiness with another if she so chooses.  It is her choice in the end.

ALPHIA:  Yes we all have choices to make don't we dearest?  Our lives would be much more fulfilling if you would make the correct choice for a change.

{Author's note:  No idea why I married Christy again.  Just a gluten for punishment I guess.}

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SK said...

I sometimes hate to leave widowed sims single...I just feel bad for my little pixelated people, I guess. Kaxx's skin tone is really interesting! I didn't realize how greatly the Qa'Lae coloration can vary.