Sunday, June 05, 2011

lOG 110605.03 University / Week 4 Endcap

Our Families:

MEGA:  Sir, I think we forgot to mention some goings on at the university.

PRIME:  Was it important?  Life or death important?

MEGA:  Well no sir.  I don't suppose so.  Just Cinaba moved to college and took over the greek house.  Gabrea Qa'Lae and Purna Katz graduated and will be moving back home next round.

PRIME:  Good good.  Now we must discuss something that is life or death.

MEGA:  Whose sir?  Life or death I mean?

PRIME:  Yours I'm afraid. 

MEGA:  Oh no.

PRIME:  Dear friend.  We have been through much together.  I hid you once, here in plain sight, when the General ordered your extermination.

MEGA:  The General.  Yes, you falsified documents for me.  I can never repay you for this.

PRIME:  I think now that it was a mistake.


PRIME:  Not saving you.  No.  Never that.  I simply underestimated my ability to hide you here with me under a new identity.  Now you must leave.

MEGA:  You are kicking me out sir?  Where will I go.

PRIME:  I have a mission for you Mega.  Something very dangerous.  My mate plots against me.  I have loyal followers who have alerted me to he moves.  Soon the General will come to inspect my work.  No no.  Don't panic.  You will be long gone by then.  I have a plan.

MEGA:  What plan sir?  I don't want to be exterminated.  But I hate to leave.  I love my work here with you.  It is all so fascinating.

PRIME:  But leave you must.  I was not quite truthful when I said that Project Eden was a closed environment.  I learned from my previous mistakes.  I left myself a way to get the subject out, or to get new subject in.

MEGA:  But sir...

PRIME:  Let me finish.  What I am proposing is that you continue your work from the inside.  Wait wait.  You know that when you leave here your lifespan with shrink.  The world you go to does not have the medical technology that we have here.  What I am suggesting is that you go to Project Eden and continue to make reports.  I have a plan on how to retrieve the reports.  I have many plans.  You will have to be put in status for the journey.  Once you are inserted into the project...there will be no way out.  You will live and die there.  And that is what I wish to give you.  Life.  I should have made you one of my original test subjects but I didn't want to lose the only friend I truly trusted.  Mega, friend, are you willing to become part of our experiment?

MEGA:  {With tears in his eyes} Oh sir, I would be honored.

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SK said...

Oh, I can't wait to "meet" Mega! What a fascinating turn of events! I wish I had your ability to weave such interesting stories, truly.