Sunday, June 05, 2011

Log 110605.06 Borealis 1

PRIME:  Ah, we have reached the large Borealis family.

PRIME:  And just in time for birthdays it would seem.

PRIME:  First Slate and Nathan's daughter Skye becomes a teen.  Humm.  Pleasure seeking.  Not optimal but Slate and Nathan have had several children.

PRIME:  Next Steel and Josa's daughter Storm becomes a teen.  Yes this is good.  Very driven this one. 

PRIME:  This subject, Rosie Pearl Pike, is another daughter of Slate & Nathan.  She looks very much like her sister.

PRIME:  And finally the youngest.  Young Rock is the son of Josa and Flint.  His personality is very similar to that of his father.

PRIME:  Flint bought a vacation home.  He has taken the family to the islands for some relaxation.

PRIME:  Everyone seems to be having fun.  I designed this location very well I think.

PRIME:  Flint managed to obtain the rare magical voodoo doll.  That could come in handy.

PRIME:  Again?  These two are worse than rabbits.

PRIME:  This vacation is getting long and tedious.

PRIME:  Well that was exciting.  I am glad the test subject was saved. 

PRIME:  No much else happened on this vacation.  Except that Rainbow began hunting for a mate.  I certainly hope she does better. 

PRIME:  Back home, Skye managed to get the children into private school.  Excellent work.

PRIME:  Nathan's pregnancy continues to progress.

PRIME:  The family lures over some eligible young males. 

PRIME:  Well this is disturbing.  The subject Rainbow seems very confused.  Perhaps she will mature eventually.

PRIME:  The men reached the top of their given careers.

PRIME:  This family is to large.  It is easier to study a small family.   Well young Rock has reached childhood.

PRIME:  And another one is born.  A son though.  He has been given the designation of Teagan.  Teagan Pike.  Very good.

PRIME:  And young Olivia Pike has become a teen.  Excellent. 

PRIME:  What an exhausting report.  Finally Rainbow heads to college.  (I don't know how Mega made these things seem so easy.  Well he will have the job back soon.)

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SK said...

Wow, Nathan must be super fertile! When I saw storm sunbathing, I had to wonder what a tan looks like on these unique would either be really amusing or completely invisible, I would think. Skye is a gorgeous sim, btw.