Sunday, June 05, 2011

Log 110605.08 Borealis 2

Prime:  Documentation for the Borealis household.  Mated adults Cliff and Kitty Borealis in residence.  No offspring as of yet but I am hopeful it will come soon.

PRIME:  Kitty has left her job in law enforcement and taken a job in the paranormal field.  She seems to have to much free time though. 

PRIME:  Cliff continues to work at the police department.  He seems to be doing well there.

PRIME:  Kitty uses the wishing well to continue her quest for thirty friends.  Her husband Cliff has already reached this accomplishment.

PRIME:  Finally, Kitty is with child.  The pregnancy seems to be going normally.

I think this thing is broken. 

Yes dad I'm resting.  Yes dad I'm eating plenty of fresh fish.

I am the greatest.  Come and see my greatness.

PRIME:  Finally the child is born.  It is a girl.  Her parents gave her the designation of Lei.  She has her mother's skin and hair and her father's eyes. 

PRIME:  Nothing else of interest here.  The family has many friends now. 

PRIME:  Though it is not yet confirmed, I believe there may be another child here soon.


Fini said...

Had to read this from the beginning, even though I'd already read half the entries already. I love the banter between Prime and Alphia, and I already miss Mega, even though he's only been gone for a bit. Don't ask me why, but I thought Mega was female until you specifically mentioned his gender.
Prime and Alphia are a trip. I'm still left wondering whose side I'm on, because I agree with each of them to an extent, though Prime's kindness to Mega is leaning me toward him. And Mega is just sweet and somewhat over-emotional, which endears me all the more to him.
As for the families, holy cow! That's a lot of sims! ACR does not do that in my game, partially because I use the ideal family size feature of ACR 2.0, but to make up for it, I have the Triplets and Quads hack from Simbology. So I'm getting there. There are no sims that I don't like here; I find Kitty hilarious. I've come to be that way about Romance sims that follow their urges.
Glad to see you've returned, and hope to see more entries soon.

SK said...

Ha, I agree with all the comments Fini had. I, too, went back to the beginning and re-read to remind myself of the storyline. It was a pleasure, as I've missed this 'hood. Also thought Mega was a female and also have a hard time picking whether Alphia or Prime is the "good guy."

Glad to see Kitty's skintone being passed on; I think it's one of the prettiest ones in your game. I also can't wait to see how Mega gets incorporated and how he will feel being part of the experiment instead of just an observer. :)