Sunday, June 06, 2010

Log 100606.05 Katz

Chase:  FIRE!  My palm tree is on fire.

MEGA:  I am here to do the season four update on the Katz family.  To begin, young Kimi had a birthday.  She will now be attending school with her brother Tiger.

MEGA:  There seems to be a lot of wild dogs showing up at the Katz house.  Probably because they have the most vegetation in the neighborhood.  Needless to say, the Katz are not getting along with the dogs at all.

MEGA:  Chase Katz took on a second aspiration.  He is now family / grilled cheese.

MEGA:  Demi Love Katz gave birth to her third child and her husband's fifth child.  It was yet another girl. They named her Jema Katz. She has all of her father's coloring.

MEGA:  It wasn't long before Demi once again found herself with child.  I love babies but for her sake I hope this will be her last.


Tiger:  Yeah they had another one.  Of course it was a girl.  We're getting over run with girls in this town.  I have more sisters than I can handle.

MEGA:  With so many children to care for the family hired a butler.  To pay for it, they made their final wish for cash.  Good-bye distant relative of mine.  I hope I see you again someday.

MEGA:  Chase received some promotions.

MEGA:  Kimi began doing all of Tiger's homework.  She seemed to love doing it and he of course hated it.

MEGA:  Then it was time for some birthdays.  Jema became a toddler.  Let me find her stats.

Jema Katz: Zodiac - Gemini:  Personality - 2-10-10-0-10

MEGA:  Tiger became a teenager.  He knows he wants a life of pleasure but he hasn't decided his one greatest lifetime want yet.

MEGA:  Kitty stopped by to see the family.  She was once again present for the birth for a sibling.  Demi gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  The family named him Hunter Katz.

MEGA:  And one last thing. All that studying during pregnancy paid off for Demi.  She now knows everything which was bother her lifetime and impossible want.

MEGA:  Well that's all here from the Katz house.  More updates to come.  {mutters under breath} Once everyone else calms down and comes to their senses.


Liz said...

Congrats on the LTW/IW for Demi... pregnancy sure paid off for her... This pregnancy should be Demi's last for Chase's LTW right?

SK said...

It's a kitty explosion!!! There will be orange tigers all over the hood, but that's okay because awwww, cute! That skintone looks awesome, especially on Tiger.

I'm looking forward to the population explosion of MALE babies. This 'hood is getting seriously overwhelmed by estrogen. :)