Sunday, June 06, 2010

Log 100606.04 Robota

PRIME:  Time to begin our next update.  Mega?

MEGA:  Yes sir.

PRIME:  How goes things at the Robota house?

MEGA:  Oh well sir.  Much excitement to talk about.  First off, both Guy and Aurora took jobs in the natural science field.  Of course you know that Guy wants to be in education.  It's his life long dream.  Nothing was available though I'm afraid.

PRIME:  Very good.  What else?

 MEGA: {sighs} The Wedding.

PRIME:  Ah yes.  They officially became mated.  Very good.
MEGA:  They were both so lovely.  The bride chose to wear a more nontraditional dress.
MEGA:  Meadow was kind enough not to beat up the bride during the wedding.  In fact they seemed to put a hold on their feud for this one special day.

MEGA:  Oh and here they are making it official.  They are now Guy and Aurora Robota.  {sniff}  I love joining ceremonies.

MEGA:  And then they kissed.  {sniffles harder}  It was just so  {sob} beautiful.

PRIME:  Mega?
MEGA:  {wiping eyes}  Sorry.  There was a reception at their home.  They showed everyone the updates they had made to Guy's small home.

MEGA:  Oh.  And I have photos of the guest.  Well not all but the most important.

Chase Katz (secretly in love with the bride) and Cliff Borealis (twin brother of the bride)

Meadow Thayer (ex-lover of the groom and hated enemy of the bride)

Joe Carr (In love with Gabrea Qa'Lae) & Josie Borealis (widow of Steel Borealis and lover of his son Flint Borealis who is father of the bride & the brides step-grandmother) & Slate Borealis (uncle of the bride)

Flint Borealis (father of the bride)

Kitty Katz (engaged to the twin brother of the bride and town whore - and no she is a popularity sim) & Nathan Pike (committed lover of Slate Borealis uncle of the bride and possibly Kitty's next target - run Nathan run)

Rainbow Borealis (the bride's Aunt)

Storm Borealis (the bride's Aunt)

Skye Borealis (the bride's first cousin)
MEGA:  It was such a lovely event.  I hope all of the subjects have such a lovely ceremony.

PRIME:  Well the important thing is that they are committed to breeding the next generation.  Any word on that front yet?

MEGA:  Well actually sir, I believe the couple took care of that before the wedding.
PRIME:  Very good.  Anything else of note?

MEGA:  Well sir.  In summary:  Aurora received a promotion.  Guy found a job in the education field.  Aurora joined the garden club and won a wishing well.  And as you can see, Aurora's pregnancy is going well.

PRIME:  Very good.  Yes these two have made a very good start to things.  Can't wait to see how things progress.

MEGA:  Me either sir.  But there are more families.

PRIME:  Subjects.  There are more subjects.  Let's take a break and then we will continue.

MEGA:  Yes sir.

Author's Notes:  I generally have to many children in my families.  This time I thought that I would let them have their own kids.  I thought I might wind up with fewer that way.  So I have the casual romance mod installed and the amount of kids they have is up to them.  But if the Borealis family is anything to go by, I might have done better on my own. 


Tyrel said...

I always leave the Try for Baby option up to ACR in my neighborhoods, too. It makes things a bit more interesting when you don't know how many kids your families with have -- or if they will have any or all.

I have noticed that most families still tend to have about 3 kids each before the pregnancy chances finally taper off.

Liz said...

Very nice update. I'm excited to see what the baby looks like. I agree with you about random chance for babies... I use InTeen, so it's similar. I also really enjoyed the updates on the guests and the banter about them, very funny!

SK said...

Wow, all of those kids in the Borealis family are from ACR randomizer? Crazy! Thank goodness InTeen doesn't behave that way in my 'hood, or Rosebud would have exploded by now.

Gorgeous wedding. I really think Guy and Aurora are a lovely couple. Still keeping my fingers crossed for purple robots! (Even if it's impossible, sniff sniff.)