Sunday, June 06, 2010

Log 100606.01

MEGA:  Sir?  Is anyone here?  I know I have the time right.  Well I'll just begin without them.

MEGA:  Mega's Log, Follow Up, University Life

MEGA:  Well, to begin with, news of the deaths of Jaxx Qa'Lae and Steel Borealis have reached the students at Eden University.  Aurora took her grandfathers death quite hard.  She had a tiny bit of a breakdown.  She recovered quickly though so all is now well. 

MEGA:  For some reason Aurora's umm.... episode... brought out the worst in Kitty.  She began laughing hysterically for no apparent reason.  It was as if she saw things that no one else could see.  I was quite concerned about her, even though she is not my favorite of the subjects, but I'm sure she will be ok now.  She went back to boinking her boyfriend and flirting behind his back.  The bitch.  I really don't like her.  Oh, sorry.  I should be more objective.  The subject seems to have recovered from her episode and is now back to normal.  Normal as she'll ever be anyway.

MEGA:  Well the students continued on with their studies.  Aurora and Meadow continued their feud.  Everyone else seems to have gotten over their hostility but not these two.  I fear they may forever be enemies.

MEGA:  Gabrea Qa'Lae and Purna Katz arrived at the university and took up residence at the freshman dorms.  Of course Kitty wanted her sister Purna to carry on the Greek House after she graduated so she invited the two over and got them to pledge.  I think Kitty has an unnatural fondness for Gabrea.  Let's face it, Kitty is a whore.  I know I should be objective but seriously the woman goes after anything that moves.    If I could grant my own wishes I would wish for her to become more family minded and focus on her relationship with Cliff Borealis.  He seems to love her and it isn't fair how she is always sneaking around behind his back. 
MEGA:  Well Purna and Gabrea became members for the Greek House and moved  in.
MEGA:  Soon they even became members of the Secret Society.
MEGA:  Then, much to everyone's surprise, Meadow Thayer proposed marriage to the mascot.  I am not sure of the man's name or what he looks like under all that fake fur.  But Meadow should be happy.  She was dragged into this and then cast aside for another.  If the mascot makes her happy then I say more power to her.  Oh dear, I've lost objectivity again haven't I.  Prime will not be happy with this report.
MEGA:  And speaking of relationships, Purna has began a relationship with another college student, one Herbert Brennan.  We will have to wait and see how this relationship works out.

MEGA:  Cliff Borealis took on a second aspiration.  He is now a popularity sim with a second aspiration of family.  This does not bode well for his potential mating with Kitty Katz.
MEGA:  Guy Robota is quite happy now that he is engaged to Aurora.  I think he is also happy that Meadow has found someone new.  He actually seems the happiest of the students most of the time.
MEGA:  Gabrea and Purna have chosen their majors and settled into the college life.  The students have all been studying hard.  They are very hard workers when they aren't flirting and fighting and making a nuisance of themselves.

MEGA: And speaking of nuisances, the mascot, who I think may be named Frank, is always around.  When Meadow is in class he stands and stares at her portrait.  All of the students have had their portrait painted.  Aurora did most of them.   Should we worry that she is involved with a stalker?  I know she was not one of our original subjects and her dna is nothing special but I feel that we should look out for her and her offspring as if she were one of ours.  I hope she isn't making a mistake with the mascot.

MEGA:  As graduation neared, the students began making plans for the future.  Guy and Aurora will be moving back into his home and building a family together.
MEGA:  And apparently Cliff & Kitty will be joined as well.  She has agreed that the two would buy a home near their parents and start their own family.  And yet moments after she makes the commitment she find her eyes straying to another.  Has she no shame?

MEGA:  Well all of the older students managed to graduate.  I am enclosing their final grades in this report.  Cliff Borealis headed back to Project Eden first to secure a property on which to build a home for his future mate Kitty.  The fool.  Blind or dumb one.

MEGA:  Then that bitch kitty graduated.  In what universe did she think that outfit worked?

MEGA:  Next to graduate were Aurora and Guy.  They both had perfect grades.  They left school talking about the wedding to come.  I just hope Aurora gets him out of that outfit before the wedding.

MEGA:  The last to graduate was Meadow Thayer.  She has decided to buy a lot on the edge of town and build a home for herself and her mascot.  I hope he makes her as happy as she thinks he will.

MEGA:  Well that leaves just Purna Katz and Garea Qa'Lae at the Greek House.  They have both finished their first two years of college.  They have already recruited someone to run the Greek House for them since there won't be anyone in the neighborhood old enough to run it when they graduate.

MEGA:  Well that concludes this report of the Greek House.  I am sorry sir that I couldn't be more objective.  I promise to try harder in the future.  But that Kitty just makes me so angry.  Sorry sir.  Until next time.

Authors Notes:  I have just recently bought a new computer.   I'm going from XP to Windows 7.  It has caused some interesting graphic visuals in this game.  Also when I moved everything over I somehow lost the Eden Prime excel spreadsheet so I really am guessing about the mascots name.  I think its Frank Frank.  I know it is two first names that are the same.  I also had some hacks show up somehow in the move over.  Had to weed those out so that my phones would work.  These pictures are from before the move.  I have another few updates before we get to the new stuff.  Just wanted to mention that the delay was a combination of life and computer trials and tribulations.  Anyway, thanks for the kind words about my blog.  I hope you continue to enjoy it.


Liz said...

Kitty Katz sure is trouble... I hope she does make Cliff happy, he deserves better than that I think. Congrats on the new computer too bad about all the glitches.

SK said...

Haha, I kind of love Mega. And I pray for a sudden weird change of heart from Kitty. Cliff deserves a nice girl.