Sunday, June 06, 2010

Log 100606.03 Qa'Lae

PRIME:  That damn woman.  Meddling.  Always meddling.  Calls me her mate but she puts them above me always.  Now she's drawn the attention of the council.  This is all we need.  They can ruin everything.

MEGA:  Sir?

PRIME:  Sorry Mega.  Just received some disturbing news.  But we will think on that no more.  Let's continue with the updates.  Where are we?

MEGA:  Well I was just beginning the fourth round or season sir.  We are back at the Qa'Lae home.

PRIME:  Ah yes.  Last time we had the tragic death of Jaxx Qa'Lae from old age.  How is his offspring doing?

MEGA:  Well sir, Kaxx Qa'Lae is growing.  He is a fine lad and will carry on the name and dna well I think.

MEGA:  His mother Chrisy Stratton Qa'Lae is definitely carrying her late husband's child.  She grew quite round in fact.

PRIME:  Were there any complications?

MEGA:  Oh no sir.  Actually there was a very happy surprise.

PRIME:  Really?

MEGA:  Oh yes sir.

MEGA:  Christy gave birth to twins.  Two little girls.
PRIME:  More girls? 

MEGA:  I'm affraid so sir.  But twin girls.  Jaxx Qa'Lae fathered three children before he died.
PRIME:  Quite an accomplishment.  He kind usually only father a single child in their lifetime if any.  This is indeed good news.
MEGA:  I thought so sir.
PRIME:  So Christy gave up her job and is raising her offspring?
MEGA:  Not exactly sir.  Christy hired a  nanny to help her raise the girls.  She continues to work and support her family.
PRIME:  She should have been able to raise her children on her insurance proceeds.  Independent women.  They'll be the death of society someday.

MEGA:  Ummm. 
PRIME:  Sorry Mega.  Just out of sorts.  Carry on.

MEGA:  Well sir, Christy has indeed moved on with her life.  She has began seeing an older gentleman named Duncan Patrick.  She seems to truly love him.  He comes by the house often and helps her with the children.

MEGA:  And she truly can use all the help she can get.  She is wearing herself out trying to do it all.  Be mother, supporter, is becoming hard on her.
PRIME:  Well I just hope she puts those children first.  They are the most important thing.  They must survive until adulthood so that they may breed the next generation.
MEGA:  Yes sir.

MEGA:  Well I guess I should mention the birthdays.  All of the children have gotten older.

PRIME:  Kaxx looks like a fine young man.
MEGA:  He is sir.  Looks a lot like his father.

PRIME:  Ahh.  You are correct.
MEGA:  The twins became toddlers.  First was Kaelea.

MEGA:  And then her twin sister Kristea.

PRIME:  I did not realize that Christy was a natural red head.  Was that in the reports.

MEGA:  No sir.  It was overlooked in the original testing.

PRIME:  Well it doesn't really matter.  I just didn't expect it.

MEGA:  None of us did sir.  But the girls are lovely.

PRIME:  Yes they are.

PRIME:  Anything else.

MEGA;  Oh yes sir.  Christy was promoted.  She got into the garden club but didn't earn a wishing well.  To busy with the children I guess.  Sir?

PRIME:  Yes.
MEGA:  One of the women who helped Christy out.  She gave her a big screen tv.  Anyway she looks, well honestly she looks....
PRIME:  Like one of  my people?
MEGA:  Yes sir.

PRIME:  I try to save them.  From time to time I find someone that shares my dna strand and knowing what the council will do to them if they are not of the highest IQ I always try to hide them away.  Please don't mention her in the official records.

MEGA:  Of course not sir.

PRIME:  She shouldn't be put to death because she lacks a nose and her skin isn't green.  But if the council catches wind of this.... It's just best they don't find out.

MEGA:  I understand sir.
PRIME:  Anything else before we wrap this up?

MEGA:  Well Kaxx has started school sir. He seems quite bright sir.  He may become a scholar like his father.

MEGA:  He has began meeting the local girls his age.

PRIME:  Very good.  Since there are so few males he will have his choice of women to be his mate.

MEGA:  Christy believes she saw the ghost of her dead husband Jaxx.  She painted a portrait of him and now hangs it in her kitchen.

PRIME:  Well that's good.  It's always good to remember the dead.

PRIME:  With that we shall end this update.  Prime signing out.

Author's notes:  Christy has the family fertility but other than that the twins were a natural occurrence.  Also I found that I had a hack that prevented the townies from giving you goodies.  I have now removed it.  Freebies here we come.


Liz said...

Christy really likes older men doesn't she? The kids are really turning out to be cute, it doesn't surprise me that Kaxx is turning out to have his father's sentiments... even with his pick of eligible Eden women perhaps he'll only desire knowledge like his father.

SK said...

Kaxx is really a beautiful little boy, and I really do see Jaxx in him, which is nice because I have a sort of weird fondness for Jaxx.

Hope Christy and her new hubby are happy. She must be addicted to having her mates die off on her. I wonder whether she'll go younger when she turns into an elder? Or maybe vamp.