Sunday, June 05, 2011

Log 110605.02 Thayer

PRIME:  Mega are we ready to continue?

MEGA:  Yes sir.

ALPHIA:  Wait for me.

PRIME:  Must we?

ALPHIA:  I'm here now.  You may begin.

MEGA:  We begin with the new home of Meadow Thayer.

ALPHIA:  Who?  She isn't one of our subjects.

MEGA:  No.  She wasn't one of the original subjects.  She moved to college with Guy Robota.  Unfortunately the broke up.  It shattered her heart.  She was just so devastated.  But then she met the school mascot Frank Frank.

ALPHIA:  Who?  Why are we concerned with this?

PRIME:  Shut it Alphia.  Continue Mega.

MEGA:  Yes sir.  Frank Frank was the college mascot.  He is very family oriented just like Meadow.  Both Meadow and Frank want to be members of the Captain Hero squad one day.  Let me find Frank's stats...
ALPHIA:  So the being's name is actually Frank Frank?  A bit redundant. 
MEGA:  Yes mam but that is his name.  Frank is a cancer who is highly active.  I think the couple will do well together.

ALPHIA:  But why are we discussing them?  They aren't our subjects.

PRIME:  They are now.  By establishing a residence in Project Eden they have made it so.

ALPHIA:  Well I don't care anything about these two.  I'm out of here.

PRIME:  Good riddance.

ALPHIA:  I heard that lover, and someday really soon I am going to make you pay for that remark and oh so many others.

PRIME:  Ignore her Mega.  Continue.

MEGA:  Well, much like Cliff and Kitty Borealis, Meadow and Frank purchased a property.  Meadow loves children so she purchased a toy store.  Both her and Frank worked hard to make it a success. 

PRIME:  Good.  Very good.

MEGA:  They used the money they earned to build quite a large home.  I think they plan on filling it up with babies. 

MEGA:  In fact, the two of them started on that right away.

PRIME:  {Lost in thought.}  Good.

MEGA:  Sir.  If this is a bad time.

PRIME:  No.  No this is the perfect time.  In fact the only time. 

MEGA:  Sir?

PRIME:  Continue.

MEGA:  Well, both Meadow and Frank both found jobs in with the police force.  Of course Meadow was soon to large to work.  She got pregnant right away and got big quickly.

PRIME:  Have these two joined?

MEGA:  No sir.  No marriage yet.  They are still just engaged.

MEGA:  Frank continued working and gazed up at the stars as he awaited the birth of his first child.


MEGA:  In the end, Meadow gave Frank not one but two children.  Both boys.

PRIME:  Well that is good.

MEGA:  Yes sir.  She named her sons Gideon and Gardner Thayer. 

MEGA:  Meadow took up stargazing to spend more time with Frank.  Eventually she would entice him away from the stars and into her bed.  I think she wants many children.

PRIME:  Well not to many I hope.  They will be joining with the other subjects and weakening the gene pool. 

MEGA:  Or strengthening it perhaps.  It was just a thought.

MEGA:  Soon it was time for the twins to grow up.

Gardner Thayer

Gideon Thayer
MEGA:  They boys are both toddlers now.

PRIME: Anything else of note?

MEGA:  No sir. Not really.  I believe Meadow is with child again but it has not yet been confirmed.

PRIME:  Very well.  Mega, we will now move into my lab where we will end this round.

MEGA:  Your lab sir?

PRIME:  We have something to discuss, you and I.  And she must not be aware.

MEGA:  Yes sir.

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SK said...

The one nice thing about Meadow being the townie who now has to be played in the rotation is that she makes pretty babies...and apparently Frank Frank (lol) is spitting out some Y-chromosomes for a change in this hood! It will make breeding without incest easier to have a few extra boys around. Also, it totally cracks me up how the mascots continually wear their mascot heads. Silly EAxis. :)