Sunday, June 05, 2011

Log 110605.05 Robota

PRIME:  We are here at the Robota house where we await the first offspring of the last of the Robota line.

PRIME:  Subject Aurora Borealis Robota is nearing full gestation.  I am anxious to see what skin tone the child shall have.

PRIME:  It would appear that the family is working towards a wishing well.  All families would be fortunate to have one.

PRIME:  Oh, the time is nigh.

PRIME:  It's a son.  They produced a Robotica son with his father's hair and skin tone and his mother's eyes.  Facinating.

PRIME:  The new subjects designation is Herman Robota.

PRIME:  Guy Robota took is knowledge of all things robotic and opened a store selling his robotic creations.  This will help his family financially.  I just hope he doesn't become to distracted.  One heir is not enough.  With such a rare bloodline there should be more.

PRIME:  Good to see that woman was only a momentary distraction.

PRIME:  Both subjects continue to work outside the home.  I hope this doesn't delay the reproduction process.

PRIME:  Young Herman has become a toddler.  He has a personality almost identical to his father.

PRIME:  The garden is being challenged by the elements.  Hail in the desert in summer?  How odd.

PRIME:  Test subject Aurora is once again with child.

PRIME:  Wait.  This hasn't been authorized.  ALPHIA!!!

ALPHIA:  Yes dearest.

PRIME:  What is the meaning of this?  Did you alter the dna of the child?  I will NOT ALLOW YOU TO RUIN THIS PROJECT!!!

ALPHIA:  Please.  This was not my doing.  I told them to take the male.  They took the female.  Do not worry lover, they have been well punished for there mistake.

ALPHIA:  The silly men didn't even think to alter the dna of the unborn child.  Good help is so hard to find these days.

ALPHIA:  Don't look at me like that.  She is perfectly fine.  No harm done.

PRIME:  This is the last time you interfere with my project.

ALPHIA:  I think I've heard those words before.  Besides, I'm not interfering.  I am doing what the council has ordered.  Spreading our dna far and wide throughout the galaxies. 

PRIME:  The family was able to get their wishing well.  That will be useful for future generations.

ALPHIA:  You really shouldn't let yourself get so upset over these things.

PRIME:  The subject Herman seems to be growing normally.  We have detected no anomalies in his dna.

ALPHIA:  His dna is nothing but an anomaly.

PRIME:  {takes deep breath}

PRIME:  Ah.  The second child has been born.  Excellent.  Another boy.  This one is given the designation of Helix.

ALPHIA:  What a shame.  And to think she could have given birth to a perfect creation.

PRIME:  I believe that finishes this report.

PRIME:  (I can't wait until Mega reaches his destination and my plans can further unfold.)

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SK said...

I wonder if the Robota skintone will continue to dominate the Borealis skintone. That would be a shame...I'd love to see some babies with her skintone as well. I hate to agree with Prime, but I'd like to see all the original genetics continue.