Sunday, June 05, 2011

Log 110605.07 Katz

PRIME:  It is time to document the changes in the Katz family. 

ALPHIA:  Oh boy.  Yet another boring family to discuss.

PRIME:  So you say.

ALPHIA:  Wait.  I didn't authorize this.

PRIME:  Really?  You don't say.

ALPHIA:  You did this?  Certainly not.

PRIME:  Certainly not.  Why would I?

ALPHIA:  What game are you playing?  You've been acting strange even for you.

PRIME:  Shall we continue?

ALPHIA: You continue.  I have some matters to see to.

PRIME:  Let's see. Where were we.

PRIME:  Oh yes.  Young Tiger dreams of 50 dreams dates.  He begins his quest by dating Storm Borealis.  These two look good together I think.

PRIME:  The youngster Hunter Katz has become a toddler.  Chase has made sure that his genetics shall most surely live on.

PRIME:  More dates for Tiger and Storm. 

PRIME:  The youngster Jema really likes her fish.

PRIME:  When Storm was unavailable for dates it seems young Tiger found another to date.  I'm not so sure I like this. 

PRIME:  Ah, Chase's pregnancy is coming along well.

PRIME:  Young Kimi becomes another ambitious teen. 

PRIME:  This can only lead to trouble.

PRIME:  How disturbing.

(Also called the danger of decorating with moveObject.  Looked pretty while it lasted though.)

PRIME:  Apparently a heat wave has struck.  I hope the unborn child his unharmed.

ALPHIA:  {Running in.}  How did you do it?  How could you remove all the data from right under my nose.

PRIME:  What are you going on about?  Can this wait?

ALPHIA:  See.  That's what I mean.  I didn't authorize another removal.  And I've spoken to my team.  They can't RECALL the extraction sight.  They can't find ANY DATA about past extractions.  They can't find the CHARTS, the FILES, NOTHING!!!!  HOW DID YOU DO IT!!!

PRIME:  Again, do what?  I have done nothing.  Do you really think that I can not only remove the physical data but remove the data from the minds of everyone who know it?

ALPHIA:  Yes.  I do.  The General will hear about this.  {storms out}

PRIME:  The child is born.  Chase gives birth to a babe he names Dahy.  (My brilliance is unmatched.)

PRIME:  Young Hunter becomes a child. 

PRIME:  And of course Demi is with child again.  (I didn't want that but one must bargain with what one has.)

PRIME:  This ends the report on the family Katz.  The family has grown large and will soon be even larger.  A true success in keeping the rare Katz genes in play.

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SK said...

Oooh, Prime is a clever person, isn't he? He should be careful... hell hath no fury and all that, haha. I love that the new babe has the pinchy alien nose! Should be interesting to see how that combines with the Katz skintone.