Sunday, June 05, 2011

Log 110605.01 Borealis 2

PRIME:  {Walking in but deep in thought}

MEGA:  Sir, are we ready to continue sir.

PRIME:  Continue?  Yes, yes we must.  And quickly it would seem.  That stupid woman and her plotting.

MEGA:  Sir?

PRIME:  Nothing.  Let's just continue for now.  Where are we Mega.

MEGA:  At the new Borealis house sir.  Cliff Borealis moved back to Project Eden from college.  He built a house next to his family home.  His longtime girlfriend Kitty Katz moved in with him.

PRIME:  Yes yes.  We expect a mating from these two.  So how are things going.

MEGA:  We sir, after moving home Cliff purchased a small flower store.  He and Kitty both worked there to earn the money they used to construct their home.  The business is doing quite well I here.

PRIME:  Good initiative. 

MEGA:  Yes sir.

MEGA:  Cliff also took a job with the police force.  He seems to be doing very well.

PRIME:  And Kitty took a job with the police force as well?  I would much rather she stay home and breed their future generation. 

MEGA:  The way these two go at each other, I would think children will come soon.

PRIME:  But no confirmed pregnancy yet?

MEGA:  No sir.  Not yet.

MEGA:  Cliff has installed a garden into his new home.  He joined the garden club and earned a wishing well.

PRIME:  Very good.  Cliff loves meeting new people and making friends.  The wishing well is good for that.

MEGA:  True.

MEGA:  Oh.  I almost forgot.  The joining ceremony. 

PRIME:  Finally.  Hopefully this will push them towards breeding.

MEGA:  It was a lovely wedding.  They are now Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Borealis.

L to R:  Storm Borealis (hidden in corner - Aunt of the groom), Purna Katz (sister of the bride), Demi Love Katz (stepmother of the bride), strange party crasher ?, Cinaba Borealis (cousin of the groom), Tiger Katz (brother of the bride), Chase Katz (Father of the Bride)

PRIME:  It seems that both families celebrated the joining fully.

MEGA:  Oh yes.  It was a great celebration.  It must be wonderous to be part of such a large family.

MEGA:  Cliff's cousin Skye played a lovely tune for all the dancers.

Front to Back:  Slate Borealis (Uncle of the groom), Flint Borealis (Father of the groom), Josa Borealis (Step-Grandmother of the Groom), Nathan Pike (Live in Love of Slate Borealis)

PRIME:  Well, this child isn't looking so demonic today. 

MEGA:  No sir.  I think Cinaba has grown into quite a lovely young woman. 

PRIME:  Humm.

MEGA:  Sir?

PRIME:  Nothing.  Just thinking.

MEGA:  Well sir, eventually the party wound down.  The couple had a quick honeymoon. 

PRIME:  But no pregnancy?

MEGA:  Not yet sir.  Not from lack of trying though I think.

PRIME:  Good, good.  (deep in thought)  Will happen eventually.  Everything happens eventually whether you want it to or not.

MEGA:  Sir?

PRIME:  Let's take a short break before finishing up this round of updates.  Actually I have some planning to do.  Let's meet back here in the morning.

MEGA:  Yes sir.

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SK said...

I'm so glad to see you back! I've missed Project Eden! I hope Kitty can keep herself under control and not manage to ruin her marriage with her seeming confusion about whether she's a popularity sim or a romance sim. :)