Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hogan / Bendett - Week 2

Hogan House - Andrea Hogan (Fortune) & Jason Hogan

(by Andrea Hogan)

Well I've worked hard and made it to the top of my field. Things are going good financially.

My love life however could use some work. Things with Kenneth don't seem to be working out. For the longest we dated in secret. I didn't want to hurt or confuse Jason. Now that Jason is older I wanted to get things out in the open. Maybe even make some kind of formal commitment. I'm suddenly realizing that Kenneth may not be the commitment kind of guy. Have I wasted all these years chasing a playboy?

Yeah I've gotten older all right. I knew mom never gave up on that loser. She's better off without him. She's better off without any of them. She has me and she has her career. That's all she needs. Money is the most important thing after all. That's what I want out of life. Lots of money. Once I've racked up 100k, then mom can retire and concentrate on her paintings. She's a really good painter. Of course she had to be. If she wasn't the cops would have busted her years ago.


Bendett House - Marisa Bendett (Fortune), Komei Tellerman (Fortune) & Iona Bendett

(by Marisa Bendett)

Iona is such a smart girl. She excels in everything she tries. Komei and I encourage her to constantly try new things.

Iona's father finally graced us with a visit. He and Iona have gotten very close. I worry how Komei is handling things. He's been her daddy for so long. It has to hurt him to have her call Cleveland dad now.

Oh mom. I know who my dad is and who my father is. Komei will always be my dad. He's been here for all the important stuff. But a girl can't help but want to know who her father is. I really like Cleveland. Of course we mainly talk about the weather. That and good places to visit downtown. Now that I'm older I can't wait to go out more. Cleveland has told me about all the best dance spots. That's what I want out of life. Pleasure. I'm going to become a professional party guest. Yes, that's my dream. I'm sorry mom. I know you wanted me to go to college and all that. College is just a waste of time. Cleveland thinks that I could easily be the top party guest in town before I reach my mid-twenties. After all, I am his daughter.


CeeCee said...

Thanks for the updates on Jason & Iona. Bot, those Cleve-genes sure are persistant, aren't they?

Anjel76 said...

I think Iona is cute with those big cheeks of hers. ;O)) And the lips go quite well. I think she could excel at being a professional party guest. :O)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Jason's not terribly unfortunate looking. And that's sweet that he wants to take care of his mom like that.

Iona I think is the prettiest of the bunch so far! Very round faced, but it all seems to fit, you know? Too bad she doesn't want to go to college though.