Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tellerman House - Week 2

The Tellerman House - Demi Tellerman Fortune - Benjamin Rusewicz Fortune - Evangeline Tellerman

(by Demi Tellerman)

Benjamin and I purchased this new home on Easy Street. No it's not as large as I would have liked but it's much better than living on Mistress Lane.

Benjamin and I were of course thrilled by the move. Evangeline was somewhat upset about it. I think it's just a stage. Hopefully she'll grow out of it soon.

Once we moved in we felt the need to transform ourselves. We needed to look a little more down to earth to blend in with the locals but still look stylish and sophisticated.

So I've come up with a brilliant plan on how to get that money back from Cleveland. Oh no it doesn't involve me stealing from him. Quite the opposite. I will be giving. I will be giving the world a best seller. That's right. I'm writing a book all based on the life of Cleveland Garth.

I've been doing extensive research. I think I may have upset some of the neighbors but so what. The truth is the truth. Yes it hurts to know that you were just one of the masses of women to cross Clevelands doorstep. I'm sorry if some of them are shocked or dismayed. But I need to regain my former status and this juicy piece of work is my ticket back to fame and wealth. If only I didn't have to admit that the beast had ever laid hands on me.

Little Evangeline is growing up quickly. She is a brilliant child. Of course you knew that she would be.

I've reached one goal. I am now a criminal mastermind. I plot heists, advise the lesser thieves and continue work on my future best seller.

FINALLY! Benjamin surprised me with an engagement ring. It's not as large as I would have hoped for but I completely understand. Besides, it can be upgraded later on. Oh, and I definitely said yes. I wouldn't dream of saying no to Benjamin.

Wedding plans were put on hold for my daughters birthday. My baby is all grown up.

So, do I finally get to speak now. Well, it's nice that my mom is finally getting married. I think that marriage and family are the most important things in life. I'd love nothing more than to get married and have several kids and send them all to college. Of course I myself may not go to college. Mom is to busy with wedding plans to even remember that I should be submitting applications. I'm not going to remind her. I think it would be nice to just stay here and find a local boy to marry. That is if I can find one I'm not related to.


CeeCee said...

"Cleveland Garth, the Unauthorized Biography" Oh yeah, I'd definately buy this book. :-)

Evangeline may have her Daddy's lips, but she still looks pretty. Especially after the makeover.

Anjel76 said...

I think she looks pretty, too. Actually, in playing my on "Cleve Clone", I think he's grown on me ... like a wart that you grow so used to that it defines you. ;O)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*blinks at Anjel* Okay, you scare me sometimes. ;-)

Anyway, I love their new home! Did you build it or was it one of the Maxis homes?

And while you can definitely see Cleve in Evangeline's face, she's turned out quite pretty, I think!