Saturday, April 24, 2010

Log 100424.02

Borealis Home:

Test Subject 1:  Steel Borealis: Male Elder: Children: Flint & Steel Borealis:  Aspiration - Popularity / Romance: Lifetime want - 20 best friends: Zodiac - Aquarius: Personality - 4-4-4-7-6: Natural Hobby - nature: Turn ons - logic / blond: Turn off - Hats: Skin - Pixie Nightwalker: Hair - Black: Eyes - Hedonistic

Test Subject 2: Flint Borealis: Adult Male: Father - Steel Borealis: Children: Cliff & Auroral Borealis: Aspiration - Popularity: Lifetime Want - Become General: Zodiac - Sagittarius: Personality - 0-5-10-5-5: Natural Hobby - Music & Dance: Turn ons - custom hair / charisma: Turn off - zombies: Skin - Pixie Steel: Hair - Custom Black/White: Eyes: Midnight

Test Subject 3: Slate Borealis: Adult Male: Father - Steel Borealis: Children: Cinaba Borealis: Aspiration - Romance: Lifetime Want - Rock God: Zodiac - Taurus: Personality - 4-7-4-6-4: Natural Hobby - Music & Dance: Turn ons - makeup  / blond: Turn off - Robot: Skin - Pixie Chaulk: Hair - Custom White - Eyes - Uncertain

Test Subject 4: Cliff Borealis: Male Teen: Father - Flint Borealis - Aspiration - Popularity: Lifetime want - 20 best friends: Zodiac - Cancer: Personality - 5-6-5-3-6: Natural Hobby - Music & Dance: Turn on - Athletic / Cooking: Turn off - Brown Hair: Skin - Pixie Emerald: Hair - Custome Green: Eyes - Surreal

Test Subject 5:  Aurora Borealis: Female Teen: Father - Flint Borealis: Aspiration - Family: Lifetime want - 6 grandkids: Zodiac - Cancer: Personality - 5-5-5-5-5: Natural Hobby - Cuisine: Turn on - Blond / Jewelry: Turn off - black hair: Skin - Pixie Bruse: Hair - Custom Purple: Eyes - Shadowed

Test Subject 6: Cinaba Borealis - Female Toddler: Father Slate Borealis: Zodiac - Gemini:  Personality - 4-8-8-0-5: Natural Hobby - Music & Dance:  Skin - Pixie Heat:  Hair - Custom Orange:  Eyes - Crimsolene

(L/R:  Aurora, Cliff, Steel, Flint)

PRIME:  (personal log) I have managed to do it.  I have, in one family, collected all of the rare skin tones of the Borealis clan.  I refuse to believe that all of these unique skin tones will soon fade from existence.  I have done a bit of tampering.  No one else knows or ever shall.  I gave all the males in the family the desire to marry and reproduce.  It was a simple hypnotic suggestion.  I can not be certain how effectively it took.  I will be watching the oldest Borealis closely.  He has the least amount of time to reproduce and continue his skin tone in the next generation. Genetic testing shows that none of his sons carry the dna of his coloration nor does any of his grandchildren.  I must collect..SAVE... all of the skin tones of the Borealis.  I must.

PRIME:  Despite not having a fatherly bent, all the male Borealis seem to be doing well caring for the youngest family member.

MEGA:  Cinaba.  They named the child Cinaba.

PRIME:  If you begin thinking of them as humanoid, you will have a harder time doing your duty of recording their lives for better or worst.  You might even start to feel sorry for them.  Think that they shouldn't be enclosed in their habitats.  Begin to desire setting them free.  I've seen it before Mega.  Do not fall into that trap.

MEGA:  Yes sir.  But isn't it easier to use their birth designation instead of simply test subject and a number.  It seems that it would be easier to remember that way.  Once they start reproducing and intermarrying I mean.

PRIME:  Perhaps. 

MEGA:  The twins, Cliff & Aurora have began their schooling.  They have met up with the other neighborhood teens increasing their chance of intermarriage.

PRIME:  Yes.  I see that the Katz teen...

MEGA:  Kitty, sir.

PRIME:  Kitty.  Yes of course.  I fear this one is becoming a bit too friendly with the males though.  I would much prefer that the breeding wait until after full maturity is reached.

PRIME:  Humm.  This looks promising.

MEGA:  Yes indeed.  The elder, Steel, and his son Slate, began a business in Mecha designed towards relaxation.  The Borealis Spa I believe they called it.  The elder Steel has met several possible mates their but I believe this one is his favorite.

PRIME:  Excellent.  And the son.

MEGA:  Well.  He has also found many companions but I fear a marriage is not in his future.  He seems content to play the field as it were.

PRIME:  Humm.  We will have to watch him more closely.  Perhaps I can steer him somehow.

MEGA:  How sir?

PRIME:  Never you mind.

MEGA:  The other son, Flint, has opened a home business.  People pay to come and spend time with the Borealis family.

PRIME:  Very good.  This family has many mouths to feed.  A steady income is important for them.

MEGA:  Very true.  I believe they are doing well now.

PRIME:  Excellent.

Guy:  I like your place.  It's very colorful.  No plastic walls or anything.

Cliff:  Yeah it's great, if you like noise and clutter and noisy relatives.

Guy:  Yeah.  Sounds great.

Guy:  Hi.  I'm Guy Robota.  Cliff is my best friend.

Aurora:  So you're Guy.  Cliff told me he loves your place.  The quiet and everything.  I personally like being surrounded by my family.

Guy:  Yeah.  I want a large family someday.

Aurora:  Me too.  A large family.  Lots of kids and grandkids.

Guy:  You have the most beautiful eyes. 

Aurora:  Oh Guy.  *giggles*  You are so sweet.

Slate:  Dad?  What are you doing?

Steel:  Nothing son.  Just getting married.

Slate:  Oh.  Whatever.

PRIME:  The Borealis family has taken on a new member.  The elder Borealis has joined with a custom townie.  Her stats are below.

Josa Pike Borealis: Custom Adult Female Townie: Husband - Steel Borealis:  Aspiration - Knowledge:  Lifetime want - Media Magnet:  Zodiac - Aquarius: Personality - 4-4-4-7-6: Natural Hobby - Nature:  Turn ons - Hats / Plant Sims: Turn off - Witches: Skin - Custom Light: Hair - black: Eyes - Custom Deep Green

MEGA:  This is quite good sir.  Our first joining.

PRIME:  Yes.  I am quite pleased.

PRIME:  The mate brought very little money to the family but she did have some valuable objects for the family to use.

PRIME:  I'm not sure that things are going as well for the other sons. 

MEGA:  At  least Slate seems to have an active sex life.  Flint hasn't even looked at another yet.

PRIME:  True.  It is a concern.

MEGA:  The youngest has grown.  She now attends school.

Cinaba:  HI EVERYONE!!!

PRIME:  Oh my.  Is something wrong with her? 

MEGA:  Her testing showed no anomalies.  Perhaps she will eventually grow out of her...awkwardness.

PRIME:  We must hope.  The child almost looks demon possessed.  We don't have any demons in the neighborhood do we?

MEGA:  Not that I'm aware of.  I'll have to check though.

PRIME:  You do that.  We can't have a possessed child.  It would throw everything out of balance.

MEGA:  Well, Kitty seems to have snagged another one.  That's two teenage boys to her bed.

PRIME:  This could cause problems.  Please monitor the situation carefully.  We don't know what might happen if Guy learns his best friend and he are sleeping with the same female.

MEGA:  I'm on it sir.  There is news sir.

PRIME:  I see.  This is good news indeed.  Our first generation two child is one the way.  The Borealis genetics shall live on.  It is a small step towards our goal of saving the alien DNA for future generations to see and enjoy.


ASimWen said...

Ok so far I think this is my favorite family. No. 1...the males MUST spread the DNA. LOL! I love it....Borealis on the prowl. Love the look of that hair. Cinaba is a it is thought she is defective because she is outgoing! HAHA! Yay for elder marriage...can't wait to see the child. Nice loot she brought with her in her backpack. Mega is gorgeous. Hehehe looks like Kitty Katz is a she a romance sim? Wanting to sleep with all the boys..can't wait to read her family. Aww...Guy Robota...nice to see him making friends. Is there a chance with him and Mega??
All in all...LOVE THEM!

Liz said...

This family is quite a handful. Slate makes me laugh with his Romance sim mind-set... I like Josa's Princess Leia hairstyle it's very appropriate for the hood. Hopefully Guy and Cliff can find someone better than Kitty Katz to spend their lives with though it would be interesting to see which custom skin-tone wins the genetic war if two of your CAS end up spawning :)

SK said...

Sigh, you've got me hooked on this hood already. I feel like clapping every time someone woohoos because I'm like, "YAY, GO PROCREATE, ALIENS!!! MAKE PRETTY ALIEN SPAWN!"

Way to go're pretty virile for an old guy. :)