Saturday, April 24, 2010

Log 100424.04

PRIME:  Project Log:  We begin the second season with the test subjects.  Things are going quite well thus far.  Mega.  Update on the Qa'Lae family.

MEGA:  Yes sir.  Elder Jaxx Qa'Lae continues his pursuit of knowledge.

MEGA:  His granddaughter Gabrea has reached her teenage years (taking a child townie or two with her).

PRIME:  What is her aspiration and lifetime want?

MEGA:  Let's see.  Oh yes.  Fortune.  She wants to be a city planner.

PRIME:  Excellent.  Anything else.

MEGA:  Oh yes sir.  The elder Jaxx was under pursuit by a townie female.

PRIME:  Really?

MEGA:  Oh yes.  She managed to lure him away from the pursuit of knowledge temporarily.

PRIME:  Fascinating.  Luring the male as a true Qa'Laeian female would have  had to do.

MEGA:  Yes sir.  She even managed to move herself into the family abode. 

PRIME:  Well that is quite an accomplishment.  Her stats?

Test subject 3 - Christy Stratton - Adult Female Townie:  Aspiration - Family: Lifetime want - Golden Anniversary:  Zodiac - Cancer:  Personality - 6-3-6-4-6: Natural Hobby - Tinkering:  Turn on:  Logic / Cleaning:  Turn off - Jewelry:  Skin Tone - S3:  Hair - Brown:  Eyes - Light Blue.

MEGA:  She brought quite a bit of cash into the family as well.

PRIME:  Perfect.

(I love cleaning ghosts!)

MEGA:  The elder seems to have found a way to temporarily slow down the aging process.

PRIME:  Good.  Very good.  Perhaps he will have time to reproduce at least once.

MECHA:  Well I do know that he has mated with the townie. Children would logically follow.

PRIME:  But doesn't always.  The elder could be to old to breed.  We must still rely on the female teen to reproduce the species.

MEGA:  Speaking of Gabrea.  She managed to get into Eden Academy.  She schmoozed the headmaster while sharing a meal of golden trout.  It's old Jaxx's specialty.

PRIME:  And has Jaxx, I mean the elder, mastered all his skills yet?

MEGA:  Yes, he has.  He has fulfilled his lifetime want and his impossible want.

PRIME:  Most excellent news.  That should keep him quite satisfied.

MEGA:  There are also signs that the wife Christy may be with child.  Nothing has been confirmed yet but I believe we have a second generation Qu'Lae on the way.

PRIME:  Excellent news.  This family is doing very well.  Better than I expected.  Keep an eye on things Mega and let me know if any problems erupt.

MEGA:  Of course sir.  Of course.


ASimWen said...

Strangely I have never played Christy Stratton. But she managed to do what it seems is a difficult task..lured the ever skilling Jaxx Qa'Lae to bed! Bravo! She deserves a place in the Qa'Lae household. Congrats on fulfilling Jaxx's LTW. Now he can get the pretty plat headstone.

Liz said...

Grats on Jaxx's LTW/IW and Christy's pregnancy. I guess now that Jaxx has all his skills he has to occupy himself with something (i.e. women, lol).

SK said...

Christy should make lovely babies, though, like Wen, I've never played her in my hood before. Are you having her eat lots of cheesecake? Won't it be strange...what will Gabrea's relationship be to her grandfather's children? They won't be uncles or aunts...I suppose just...distant cousins? Second cousins? Second cousins-in-law? Now I've got myself confused.