Saturday, April 24, 2010

Log 100424.06

PRIME:  Mega.  It's time to go over the progress at the Borealis family.

MEGA:  Yes sir.

PRIME:  YIKES!  She's still doing it.  Are we sure the child isn't demon possessed?

MEGA:  Yes sir.  I checked.  The Borealis can not be demon possessed.  They are susceptible to vampirism though.

PRIME:  Fine.  Your report.

MEGA:  Yes sir.  First off, Slate moved in his lover Nathan.

PRIME:  Nathan? A male?

MEGA:  Yes sir.  He has other lovers but apparently Nathan needed a place to stay and Slate just can't resist the man so he moved him in so that he would be handy for... well you know.

PRIME:  Yes I know.  No what I'd hoped for but perhaps it's a step in the right direction.  So tell me more about the male townie.

Test Subject 8: Nathan Pike - Custom Townie:  Aspiration - Romance:  Lifetime Want - Celebrity Chef:  Zodiac - Aries:  Personality - 5-7-6-3-3:  Natural Hobby - Music & Dance:  Turn ons:  Custom Hair / Logic:  Turn off - Swimwear:  Skin - Custom light:  Hair - Black:  Eyes - Custom Aqua

MEGA:  He didn't bring much cash sir but he had a nice stash of stuff for the family.  Apparently the townies are very fond of these small trees sir.

PRIME:  Yes.  Carry on.

MEGA:  Oh right.  Well there was an unfortunate event with Aurora.

PRIME:  Is that Chase Katz?  Newly mated Chas Katz?  He shouldn't be fooling around with the child.  They didn't breed did they?

MEGA:  There were no attempts that I saw sir.  Of course I was distracted.

PRIME:  Distracted.  By what?

MEGA:  Oh.  I forgot to mention.   I guess I should have started off with this.  Sir, um... Well we have had our first birth. 


PRIME:  Wait.  Is that it?  It doesn't carry the Borealis skin tone.

MEGA:  Oh yes she does sir.  Only it's secondary DNA not primary.  Isn't she beautiful though.  Our first generation two baby.  Oh let me give you her stats.

Test Subject 9 - Rainbow Borealis:  Father - Steel Borealis:  Mother - Josa Pike Borealis:  Generation 2 Single Birth - Skin:  Custom Light:  Hair - Black:  Eyes - Custom Deep Green

PRIME:  Rainbow?  They named HER Rainbow?

MEGA:  Um.  Yes sir.  Rainbow Borealis.  Quite beautiful I thought.

PRIME:  Humm.  We are going to need a better distinction.  Perhaps letters and numbers to distinguish between families and species.

MEGA:  Or we could just call them by their names.

PRIME:  There you go humanizing them again.  What else happened in the family.  That isn't all is it.

MEGA:  Oh my no.

MEGA:  Well, Flint and Nathan both found jobs in their chosen careers.  Slate has been looking constantly but can find nothing in the music field.  It's very frustrating for him.  He does all kinds of silly things to take his mind off his problems.

MEGA:  Well one of his distraction sessions actually paid dividends.

PRIME:  Pardon?

MEGA:  Slate was with child.

PRIME:  Child?  Are you sure?

MEGA:  Oh definitely.  The father was Nathan Pike.  We tested the genetics just as you said we should.  We always do genetic testing on the offspring.

PRIME:  And Flint.  Has he brought home a mate yet?

MEGA:  No sir.  He seems to be caught up in career pursuits.  Nothing on the romantic horizon I'm afraid.

Josa:  Oh no.  Please don't smile at me.  I can't take the smile.

PRIME:  Subject BCT7 is with child again?

MEGA:  Who?  Oh you mean Josa.  Yes sir.  She and Steel are expecting their second child.

PRIME:  Excellent.  The old man works fast.

MEGA:  And little Rainbow grew up.  She looks like her mother.

PRIME:  Yes, BCTG2-9 is very attractive.

MEGA:  Umm.  Let me give you her continued stats.  Zodiac - Capricorn.  Personality - 10-6-2-7-8.

PRIME:  Very nice.

MEGA:  Steel Borealis was the first to call up the local garden club for a review. 

MEGA:  He was accepted and earned the coveted wishing well that he then used to make more friends.

PRIME:  Very good.  Quite a boost for the family.

MEGA:  Slate gave birth to a baby girl.

PRIME:  Now this is more like it.  Give me the subjects stats.

MEGA:  Ok. 

Skye Borealis - Generation 2 single birth:  Father - Nathan Pike:  Mother - Slate Borealis:  Skintone - Pixie Chaulk:  Hair - Black:  Eyes - Uncertain

PRIME:  Excellent:  Subject BCTG2-10 is a lovely addition.

MEGA:  Yes sir.  Skye is quite beautiful.

MEGA:  Steel used the wishing well to finish up his lifetime want of 20 best friends.

PRIME:  Is he working on the impossible want of 30 best friends?

MEGA:  I'm not sure.  I'll have to keep an eye on him.

PRIME:  (personal log)  Remember to influence elder Borealis to make more friends.

MEGA:  Did you say something sir?

PRIME:  Not to you.  Carry on.

MEGA:  Well.  A third Borealis child was born. 

PRIME:  A son?

MEGA:  No.  Another daughter.

PRIME:  I wonder if I can influence the sex of the child?

MEGA:  What?

PRIME:  Nothing.  Nothing.  Stats if you please.

Storm Borealis:  Generation two single birth:  Father - Steel Borealis:  Mother - Josa Pike Borealis:  Skin - Pixie Nightwalker:  Hair - Black:  Eyes - Hedonistic.

PRIME:  Just like her father.  Excellent.  This is what I wanted.

MEGA:  Um.  Yes sir.  But aren't we just suppose to observe.

PRIME:  Are you questioning be?  Are you questioning my motives?

MEGA:  Oh no sir. 

PRIME:  Good.  Don't.  I'm in charge.  You will do things my way or you will be replaced.

MEGA:  Yes sir.

MEGA:  Sir.  The youngest...well not any more but.... Well Cinaba became a teen. 

PRIME:  Stats?

MEGA:  Right.  Aspiration:  Knowledge.  Lifetime want - Space Pirate.  Turn on - Hard worker / black hair.  Turn off - Fat.

PRIME - And the other teens.  Off to college with them?

MEGA:  Yes sir.  They both went off to college.

PRIME:  Excellent.

MEGA:  There is one other thing sir though I hate to mention it.

PRIME:  Well.  What is it?

PRIME:  NO!  How can this be.  No one should have known about the recovery system.  I erased the minds of everyone who helped put it in place.

PRIME:  It must be HER.  Only SHE would dare to interfere with MY subjects.  MY PROJECT!  MINE!  She can not be allowed to interfere.  MEGA!!!

MEGA:  Yes sir.

PRIME:  Find HER.  Find Alphia and bring her to me.

MEGA:  Alphia?  But sir.


ALPHIA:  You called dearest?

PRIME:  Alphia.  What did you do?  How did you know?

ALPHIA:  That you would leave yourself multiple ways to interfere with your 'subjects'?  Because I know you.  I know your obsessions.  What else is a mate for?

PRIME:  What did you do to subject BCTG1M-8?

ALPHIA:  My how your designations have grown.  Nathan?  I didn't do much to him.  My team just took some samples.  Tested for diseases and genetic flaws.

PRIME:  That's it?

ALPHIA:  Well.... We might have inseminated him as well.

PRIME:  YOU WHAT!!!  How could you?  You are contaminating the sample dna with our own.  This can not be allowed.

ALPHIA:  But lover it was sanctioned.  By the government.  They want to know if our dna is compatible.  And I know for a fact that you have spies placed in your little habitat so you can't be that against dna minglilng.

PRIME: But it isn't time yet.  You are ruining my plans.

ALPHIA:  Never that dearest.  I am only modifying them to meet with the government standards.  It has to be done.  The research is important.

PRIME:  Important.  So that the council can breed out yet another species.  Can nothing be kept pure.  They are endangered species for goodness sake.

ALPHIA:  Oh relax lover.  I haven't told the council about your mind manipulation.  You still have that.

PRIME (Personal Log):  The bitch has got to go.  Maybe a little accident.  No not painful enough.  I want her to suffer before you perishes.  She deserves it for ruining another project.  Well it might be salvageable.  Maybe.  I can't let her release another group into the wild.  I can't.  I won't let her ruin my work yet again.  I will find a way to succeed.  Maybe I can rid the environment of our dna.  Maybe...I must begin revising my plans.  I musts find a way to purify the containment area of our dangerous fast moving dna.

ALPHIA (Personal Log):  I have antagonized my mate yet again.  His mental capabilities are failing at a faster rate than first believed.  But the bastard still has his followers on the council.  There are still those that want to find new species and put them on display for all to see.  When will they learn that they are people like us not pets to be played with?  I will attempt to snare further test subjects for research and insemination.  Only when all DNA are allowed to mingle will we ever truly be free.


ASimWen said...

Woah! What a monkey wrench in Prime's plans! Alphia??? hehehe! Is she really ruining Prime's project or is she saving a planet?

Liz said...

Prime doesn't seem too happy that Slate didn't mate with a woman at first... I guess he's just happy that male/male relationships can produce spawn. Cinaba is really adorable, I don't think she looks crazy at all... just perky! I'm anxious to see how the twist with Alphia works out. I like that you're adding another layer to the story :)

SK said...

Oh, it just keeps getting more interesting! PTs as a feuding superior race bent on cross-purposes of blended races versus purity of race? Who knew sims could be so much fun!