Saturday, April 24, 2010

Log 100424.08 Week 2 Endcap

PRIME:  Personal Status Report:  Things have not gone entirely as planned.  My mate has infiltrated my team.  She has leaked our dna into my habitat.  She will eventually ask the council to release my subjects.  This can not be allowed.  I will find a way to thwart her.  For now I must play the game.  Until I find a way to rid myself of this nuisance, there is no other logical way to proceed.

End of Season Two (10 full days)

Sim Points = 21
Money points = 4
Hobby Points = 3 (Jaxx - not sure which one; Purna - nature; Kitty - Cuisine)
Social Bunny Visit = -1 (Guy has an early breakdown)
CAS Elder LTW = 20
CAS Elder Impossible Want = 10

Total points collected = 54


ASimWen said...

Good job! Love the story. Early on you have mixed in deceit, sex, and even harmony to make this an interesting read. Look forward to your next entry.

aquatami said...

Thanks for the comments. With me encouragement is always needed.

Ndayeni said...

Very interesting blog so far. I hope you'll post about updates to the Yahoo group so I can keep up with it. I tend to be bad about checking for updates if I don't see them posted there unfortunately :/

Good luck with this going forward!

eirian84 said...

I absolutely love this! Your take on the narration is innovative and original, & I'm as interested in what's happening with the narrators as with the different families.

I've always been fascinated with the DNA in TS2, so this is just fantastic. I agree with Ndayeni and hope that you keep the Yahoo prosperity group updated. I'm scatterbrained & watch so many things already, but I loved reading this. Makes me want to try my hand (for the umpteenth time) at blogging a challenge. <3

Delilah22 said...

I really like your story so far too. I found it on the Yahoo group, and like others, I hope that you post updates there.

SK said...

Way to rack up the points! Gonna keep up with reading!