Saturday, April 24, 2010

Log 100424.07

MEGA:  Weekly Log - Katz Family:  Well both adults, Chance and Demi, are progressing in their careers. 

MEGA:  I know that their family is very proud of them.  The Katz family doesn't have an outside business.  They pay for everything with their salaries so it's good when they can get raises and promotions.

Demi:  Oh.  Oh.  OH!!

Kitty:  Do you have to be so loud?

MEGA:  The first generation two Katz was born.  I will have to forward this report to Prime.  I know he would want to know.  I'm not sure where  he is today.  But anyway.  Stats.  He would want to know stats.

Tiger Katz - Generation Two single birth:  Father - Chase Katz:  Mother - Demi Love Katz:  Skin - Orange Tiger:  Hair - Brown:  Eyes - Hushed

MEGA:  Purna grew into a teenager.  And quite a lovely one at that.

MEGA:  Update on subject Purna Katz.  Aspiration - Population.  Lifetime want - The Law. 

ALPHIA:  So, the Katz family is still outgoing.  Out there mingling with the others.

MEGA:  Alphia.  What are you doing here?  Does Prime know?  Have you seen him?

ALPHIA:  Relax.  Prime is off sulking.  And scheming.  The council has made me a part of his team and my mate doesn't like that one bit. Well don't stop the report.  What else has been happening?

MEGA:  Honestly not much.

MEGA:  More promotions.

ALPHIA:  What about this?  Is it true?

MEGA:  Well yes.  Chase does want to marry off 6 children and so far he only has three.

ALPHIA:  Three and a half.  Can't forget the little one on the way.

ALPHIA:  She continues on with the fishing. 

MEGA:  Oh yes.  She has earned the nature hobby badge.  Fishing is her favorite thing to do.

ALPHIA:  No boyfriend then?

MEGA:  Not yet. 

ALPHIA:  Well there's plenty of time for that later.

Demi:  I wish the bills weren't so high.  If only I could find a way to cut our utility costs in half.

ALPHIA:  Tiger sure is growing up quickly.

MEGA:  Yes he is.  Let me give you his stats.  Let's see.  Zodiac - Capricorn.  Personality - 10-5-2-5-6.

ALPHIA:  That's great of course but not as important as having young tiger grow up to be happy and healthy.

MEGA:  Umm.  Right.

 MEGA:  Purna kept at it and earned a gold fishing badge.

ALPHIA:  Good for her.

ALPHIA:  They seem to be a truly loving and caring family. 

MEGA:  Yes.  They are.

MEGA:  Well Kitty has left for college.

ALPHIA:  Where she will meet up with both her lovers.

MEGA:  Um.. Yes. 

ALPHIA:  Well I'm sure they will find a way to handle it somehow.  Good report Mega.

MEGA:  Um.  Thank you mam.

ALPHIA:  Call me Alphia dear.  No need to be so formal.

MEGA:  But this is an official report.

ALPHIA:  But it is also a report about people's lives.  They aren't just lab rats you know.


ASimWen said...

Ok so now we are left wondering who is really the bad guy. Prime or Alphia??? Oh, fishing badge for Pruna. Good job! then there is Kitty going off to college. Will she come between Guy and Meadow???

Liz said...

Purna is really a pretty young lady. Too bad she seems to reclusive thus far. I'm anxious to see how things go at university now that Ms. Kitty is on her way to start drama.

SK said...

Purna is really a gorgeous creature. Also thrilled to see that the orange tiger skin is continuing. Even though I know dilution of the genes is likely as the generations go on, I hope they stick around as long as possible.

If Kitty is so into romance, maybe she should become the family "breeder." It's easy to populate a hood with a female romance sim!