Saturday, April 24, 2010

Log 100424.03

Homestead Katz

Test Subject 1:  Chase Katz - Adult Male - Children: Kitty & Purna Katz: Aspiration - Family: Lifetime want - Marry off 6 kids: Zodiac - Virgo: Personality - 10-0-5-0-10: Natural Hobby - Science: Turn ons - Athletic / Blond: Turn off - Charismatic: Skin - Orange Tiger: Hair - Brown: Eyes - Hushed (Blue) - Special Feature - Elf

Test Subject 2: Kitty Katz - Teen Female - Father: Chase Katz: Aspiration Popularity: Lifetime want - Cult Leader: Zodiac - Cancer: Personality - 6-5-6-2-6: Natural Hobby - Science: Turn on - Cooking / Custom Hair: Turn off - Brown Hair: Skin - White Tiger: Hair - Blond: Eyes - Myst (Gray) - Special Feature - Elf

Tesst Subject 3: Purna Katz - Child Female: Father - Chase Katz: Zodiac - Libra: Personality - 0-10-5-0-10: Natural Hobby - Music & Dance: Skin - Calico: Hair - Red: Eyes - Moss (Green): Special Feature - Elf

PRIME:  The Katz family seems to have settled easily into the community.  All three members have been seen at the homes of neighbors.  They seem to be quite a social family.

MEGA:  I believe that is common for felines.

PRIME:  Perhaps.

PRIME:  Are the Katz having trouble with the authorities Mega?  We can't have problems this early on.

MEGA:  No sir.  No problems.  I believe Chase is courting this deputy.  We have the potential for another mating.

PRIME:  Excellent news.

PRIME:  The child seems more content to simply fish.  They do have enough money for food.  Correct?

MEGA:  Yes sir.  The father, Chase, took a job in law enforcement.  Perhaps chasing after one Demi Love. 

PRIME:  Umm.  Yes.

MEGA:  Oh. Ah.  Well the Katz family is not the most well off but they have enough for the essentials.  They seem to be thriving with what they have.

PRIME:  Good.

PRIME:  And the teen?

MEGA:  Well sir, Kitty is still dangling both Guy and Cliff on her hook.  She is sexually active with both.

PRIME:  Keep an eye on her activities.

MEGA:  Always sir.

MEGA:  Sir.  We have another joining.

PRIME:  Excellent.  More children soon I hope.

MEGA:  Yes sir.  It took Chase no time at all to get Demi in the family way.

PRIME:  Good.  Let's see.  We must list the mates stats.

Test Subject 4: Demi Love Katz - Adult Female NPC Police Officer - Aspiration - Knowledge: Lifetime want - Oceanography: Zodiac - Sagittarius: Personality - 2-5-6-1-8: Natural Hobby - Music & Dance:  Turn ons - Grey Hair / Cleaning: Turn off - Jewelry:  Skin - S2:  Hair - Blond:  Eyes - Brown

PRIME (Personal Logs)  - All subjects have completed their first season in their new habitats.  As this is a desert environment the seasons are arranged summer / fall / summer / spring.  There is never true winter in the desert.  I am quite pleased with the two impending births.  I hope to keep my collection growing happily without ever being aware that they are in an environmental containment.  I hope to keep my colleges and the government from knowing that I have any ability to influence the subjects, but of course I do.  I will begin double checking the college surrounds.  After one more season the eldest teens with be mature enough to attend.  I plan on influencing them all to attend.  The sound and video feeds I have had wired throughout the compounds should let me use my hypnotic tones throughout the town as needed.  I will not let the government interfere and ruin this environment as they did the last.  My subject will never be set free.  I should be able to breed at least five generations during my lifetime.  If only I can prevent outside interference.  I must prevent HER from gaining access to my subjects.  She will try to find reason to set them free and I simply can not allow that.


ASimWen said...

Ok so Purna likes to fish. Not unusual...cats like fish, no? She is the calico skin. I can so relate to the cats being all over the neighborhood visiting neighbors. I have a few that come around my house to visit the food bowl on the front porch meant for MY cats that are out wondering in the neighborhood. OOhh Demi Love. She has nice genes that will mix nicely with the Katz genes. She is one of my favorite NPC's. Dern...there is Kitty and Guy again. Guy needs to mate Aurora...(did I get her name right...short memory here). It seems Kitty has lots of choices....why Guy? (I just realized I got Aurora's name wrong in my prior comment. Heh)

Liz said...

Wow, with the way Kitty has been acting thus far I was surprised to find out she's a Popularity sim, not Romance. Demi will fit nicely in with this family I think and make pretty kitty babies :)

SK said...

Oooohhhh, who is "her"? This is fascinating. The storyline idea is absolutely brilliant. The calico skintone is fantastic. I've never used custom skins before except various natural shades, but this makes me want to throw some interesting different custom townies in my game and see how they look breeding with some of my playables.